Undead sexist (and other) links.

•JD Salinger had a predatory relationship with a number of young women. The article discusses how people who know the facts about a predator may simply work around it (like not treading on a weak stair you haven’t fixed) but newbies get into trouble.
•A survey in India finds a common attitude in rapists is that they’re entitled to sex.
•Here’s some ways society police boys to avoid them being too girly.
•The US isn’t the only nation where people fixate on the birthrate not being big enough (which is not unique to the US) so women need to be breeders.
•A blogger explains why some women look at any strange man and don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.
•The religious right continues to insist women belong in the home. And that gay marriage is bad because it implies kids don’t need fathers. Curiously, I’ve never heard the anti-gays argue that it implies kids can get by fine without a mother. In any case, as I’ve noted before, arguing that their sexist views are confirmed by nature is wrong.
•Another allegation of priestly abuse in the Catholic Church. In another case, memos show the Church knew about a priest molesting kids between 2006 and 2012 and did nothing until one of the victims went public. The Vicar General for the parish still insists it was handled correctly. And here’s a third case, undone by the statute of limitations.
•Illinois approves gay marriage. State Rep. Dwight Kay asserts this is wrong because this nation’s Constitution was built on the Bible. Short answer: no it wasn’t. Then we have Catholic Bishop Paprocki proclaiming he will hold an exorcism to fight for repeal. I’m not quite sure who or what he’s going to exorcise, but as Slacktivist notes, we’ve gone a long way from when Jesus exorcised demons to free people from suffering; Paprocki only wants to increase pain. Also noted at Slacktivist, why not exorcise corrupt CEOS, crooked bankers or warmongers?
•Bill de Blasio isn’t mayor of New York yet, but he’s already destroying the city and causing crime to rise!
•Remember Ken Starr, the independent prosecutor assigned to investigate the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky case? In the case of a Virginia child molester recently sentenced to 43 years, Starr thinks the judge should have gone easy on him. Over in Alabama, which has the third-highest number of lifers serving time for nonviolent crimes, a man who raped a teenage girl won’t do jail time.

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