Less Bleah

Definitely feeling better than yesterday. I even got to walk outside, or as TYG put it once when sick “I get to go out in the big blue room!”
Still draggy, but at least I didn’t fritter my time away. When I worked, I worked. When I didn’t work, I either relaxed or slept. None of the frustrating in-betweenness.
But rather than do anything thoughtful, it’s time for a linkpost:
•Bill de Blasio won the New York mayorship despite opposing the city’s stop-and-frisk program and calling for higher taxes on the rich. Right-wingers proclaim that he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Communist and that without cops hassling every black man who walks the streets, New York will slide into chaos! He won’t keep us safe like Giulani (ignoring that having Rudy G. for mayor on 9/11 didn’t actually stop 9/11).
•Over in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli lost the race for governor. While white married women voted for him, he lost pretty much all other women over his opposition to abortion and no-fault divorce. I’m sure his support for criminalizing sodomy didn’t help. More here.
On divorce, I’m wondering now if that isn’t a reflection of the right-wing love of gender hierarchy. After all, if women can’t get out of a marriage easily, they’re that much easier to control once they tie the knot.
•Contrary to some media accounts, the Tea Party did not originate with Republican outrage over George W. Bush policy,it began when Obama took the White House.
•Businesses marketing online courses apparently think teaching is so easy, they can just hire actors to read the lectures.
•Some judges side with businesses that claim a right not to cover contraceptives in insurance. As LGM says, judicial appointments matter.
•Letting the NSA collect your e-data protects your privacy! Because if corporate America keeps it, who knows what they might do with it, but you can trust the NSA, right?
Um, no.
•Doctors anally rape a man to check whether he has drugs stuffed up his butt. No. Not kidding.
Tom Tomorrow on the free market in health care.
•The Catholic Church insists it opposes unfair discrimination against gays. But you know, firing them for being gay is totally not unfair.
•Slacktivist rips into the idea that libertarians, unlike social conservatives, are not moralistic and judgmental.

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