Things that make me go hmmm … (#SFWApro)

As in hmmmm, what on Earth generated 90 views of this blog yesterday? It’s not tweeting my stuff to the SFWA feed (though that helps), and I can’t think of anything I wrote that was more riveting than usual, so what’s the hook?
Likewise, why is this linkpost consistently generating lots of page views? Is it the graveyard of ships? The link to 1950s sandwich recipes? The history of Florida Gulf Coast University? Not that I have any complaints if people find a particular post fascinating, but I can’t but be curious.
Now, as to the week just wrapping up, it went pretty well. The big problem was sleep. Normally if I wake up early I go to work early and make it up later, but sometimes it’s very tempting to goof off. After all, I have a couple of free hours, it’s like I have extra time! Got sucked into that a couple of nights.
Then on Wednesday night I went to sleep like a log, woke up late and refreshed. Unfortunately, my mind takes getting up late on a weekday as a signal that it’s a free day (I have finally realized this) and it took me a long time to knuckle down.
That said, I’m still on track for making my Demand Media quota for the month. And I’m working on a couple of article pitches for the Raleigh Public Record: My editor wants something in-depth, so it’s taking me longer than usual to put the proposal together.
Oh, and Boys’ Life accepted a pitch of mine for a short article, due next month. I’m looking forward to this: BL articles are light (but informative) and fun to write. Plus they pay well.
Fiction: I finished a first draft of Button, Button, which mostly served to make me realize what I don’t want it to be. The story of a pushed-around man will look horribly cliched if I have him turn to the dark side, but if I simply have him rise above that and embrace his inner nice guy, it’ll be very heavy-handed. So it has to be something else, but I don’t know what yet.
I read Bro’s Before Ho’s—now retitled A Many Splendored Thing—to some beta-readers and they liked it more than expected. So after a final proof early next month, I anticipate sending it out.
Short stories done, I resumed work on Southern Discomfort (which could probably use a new title too). I’m really pleased with it so far: I keep coming up with new ideas and fitting them in and none of them to date have forced me to throw up my hands and start over. So that’s a good sign. I’d like to finish this draft this month, but I don’t know if that’ll fly.
So that was the week that was. Bring on the weekend!

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