I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve linked you all here

I’ve heard it argued that Republicans making government worse is actually a net gain in some ways: the worse the federal government looks the more rational their anti-government shtick works. Case in point, Western states using the shutdown to gain control over federal parks.
•Meanwhile, it turns out the push to include an exemption for employers who don’t want employee insurance to cover birth control was a carefully chosen tactic. Conservative legislators and the Catholic Church figured they’d have a better chance if they attached it to a must-pass legislation (apparently this hasn’t succeeded).
•Here’s the latest on a possible deal. But Fla. Rep. Ted Yoho claims there won’t be any problems if we default on the debt—just tell China we can’t pay right now, and they’ll understand.
•A teenage girl gets raped while drunk. The kid’s family have connections. The state refuses to prosecute and then the victim’s family’s house burns down. And here’s the latest grumbling from conservative bloggers upset the shutdown’s not getting more support from the country.
•Houses that lost landlines in Hurricane Sandy may not get them restored.
•Echidne looks at rape in college culture.
•Apparently Republicans are even losing white voters now.
•A 1963 moderate Republican shows the paranoia of the right about the Secret Communist Takeover is nothing new.
•A Republican aide argues a New York Dem candidate for Senate must be gay because when tweeting to a stripper he didn’t hit on her. Meanwhile, right-wing pundit Niall Ferguson claims the number of followers he has on Twitter proves he’s right about something or other.
•LGM points out how badly the current free market in health care works.
•In another stunning example of Repub outreach, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jihndal appoints anti-gay, anti-abortion activist Tony Perkins (according to this story, when police tried to keep anti-abortion activists from mobbing a clinic, Perkins helped the activists) to a law-enforcement commission. Perkins also has no problems speaking at white supremacist conventions.
•In South Carolina, teens fire on a man’s house. He walks out and fires into what he assumes is their car, killing an innocent, unrelated teenage boy. Under the state’s Stand Your Ground law, the fact he thought he was defending himself got him off. Note that he wasn’t in actual imminent danger, but his lawyer argued you couldn’t expect him to just go into his house and wait for the cops to show.

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