Just a link or two

Busy day. Semiannual checkup shows everything’s fine, but fasting this morning so they could get my blood chemistry right left me very, very, very hungry by lunch. Made up for it then.
And then after my optometrist appointment (again, all good) I did my estimated taxes. Now I’m ready to crash, but first …
•A former American Family Association attorney recalls the AFA’s work against gay marriage, which frequently involved going cut-throat against other Christian groups over all the anti-gay money flowing in. Showing once again how the health of an organization can become more important than its ideals.
•Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post argues that “the goal of any company is to maximize value for the shareholders” is not supported in law (not that it’s illegal, just that it’s not a legal requirement) and doesn’t work very well in practice, either.
•Wonkblog catches a business owner explaining how to reform the tax code: “Get rid of the deductions that don’t affect me.”
•The NSA doesn’t like one John Hopkins professor’s post linking to public NSA-related material. So the school pressures him to take it down. Digby catches another example of the government cracking down on linking.
•Sen. Rand Paul is very upset that if we avoid war with Syria, Assad might stay in power.
•Sept. 11 isn’t just the anniversary of the attacks, it’s the anniversary of the US-backed overthrow of Chile’s socialist president, replacing Allende with a brutal right-wing dictatorship (hat tip to LGM)
•Echidne discusses how statistics showing young men are slackers living in their parents’ basement are skewed. Worth noting since the supposed failure of young men is one of the things people blame on women, as witness this Undead Sexist Cliche (and this one here).
And that’s it for me. I’m surprisingly wiped for such a quiet day.

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