Undead sexist cliche: Contraception brings death!

Via Slacktivist, I stumbled across this post about Nebraska Bishop James Conley, who believes the recent trial of abortion doctor Lewis Gosnell for murder isn’t just the fault of legal abortion (which is a widespread cry in the forced-birth movement). No, the case “suggests that a culture of contraception cannot avoid becoming a ‘culture of death’—in which some lives are seen not as gifts, but as burdens.” It’s the logical result of people thinking they should be in control of their own fertility.
This is actually not a radical statement. I’ve heard right-to-life arguments for years that contraception leads to abortion because if you use birth control, you’ve already made the decision not to have a kid. So when contraception fails (and right to lifers have an exaggerated conviction this happens more than it does), presto, you get an abortion! Therefore, abortion is the result of birth control.
Of course, a logical view would be to compare the number of pregnancies prevented by contraception to the number caused by failure before making such a jump. Or ask why the same isn’t true of the church-sanctioned rhythm method. But this has nothing to do with logic. As witness that Conley argues the same attitude, that we control our own lives, also leads to “acceptance of homosexual acts, pornography, embryonic destructive research, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, abuse of women and a host of other social ills and moral evils.” Because, of course, porn, homosexuality and divorce are just as harmful as abuse of women (let us insert the usual observation about the Catholic Church and child abuse here).
In other news:
•A man spends two years in prison not only for a crime he did not permit, but for being someone else. One check of his prints would have cleared him, but it never happened.
•A Fox news host says that if people don’t like the inclusion of Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, they should move to some other country.
I could just as easily say that about anyone who doesn’t want the “wrong” religion praying at government events or Muslims building mosques but I have a feeling said host wouldn’t agree.
•Okay, so the old guy was armed and hostile. But sending in a SWAT team and killing a 107 year old man?
•Sunday I discussed the canceled marriage of Batwoman and her girlfriend Maggie. Now DC announces Aquaman and Mera aren’t married in the reboot universe either.

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