What the heck, let’s link!

I’ve linked before to discussions of how New York’s now-unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policy targets black and latinos but is not, in any way, racial profiling (defenses of profiling came up a lot following the Trayvon Martin case,too).
Roy Edroso looks at conservative/libertarians still defending stop-and-frisk. Case in point, Internet pundit Glenn Reynolds who argues in the best concern-troll tradition that shutting down the program is bad news for liberals because it will increase racial strife and crime, which will thereby draw New Yorkers to the party of law-and-order. LGM points out the logical flaws such as assuming singling out nonwhites for searches reduces racial tension, and that gun crimes are a lot higher in the South than in NYC.
Edroso also discusses another post at the link, about a pro-choice libertarian (or so she says) who nevertheless holds it a Good Thing that support for abortion is going down (the statistics for this are debatable) because that proves you can be libertarian and still not give into hedonism or something to that effect. Which is something I’ve often noticed, a depressing number of libertarians place freedom from economic regulation much, much higher than social libertarianism (I hope to have a longer post on libertarians soon).
In other news:
•A judge has ruled that individual plaintiffs against Bank of America’s alleged mortgage shenanigans can’t proceed as a class-action lawsuit.
•My new And column is out on Orson Scott Card and other right-wingers who equate having a Black President with Black Riots.
•A convicted abortion bomber manages to drive a Kansas abortion-doctor out of business, legally.
•Blind people can legally own and use guns.
•The Oklahoma legislature refuses to authorize tornado shelters in state schools. Kansas, meanwhile, is throwing 20,000 people off food stamps.
•Ring-wing historian David Barton argues that you can’t be a good scientist or mathematician if you’re not a fundamentalist Christian.
•Kids going hungry? It’s a valuable lesson for their parents, according to Fox News.
•With surgical abortions harder and harder to obtain in many areas, it’s no surprise that abortion drugs are the target of choice for the forced-birth movement.
•A House republican claims quite inaccurately that Reagan would never have tolerated the use of chemical weapons. Though of course tolerating the use of chemical warfare by our then ally, Saddam, doesn’t prove Reagan wouldn’t have objected to Syria doing the same.

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