A few links

Women are more likely to be denied flextime than men.
Why corporations are so keen on binding arbitration.
•To benefit from CVS’ reward card you have to waive your HIPAA privacy rights.
•A woman argues that writing Gwen in Merlin fan-fic as a white woman isn’t inherently objectionable or a racist issue. At the link, a counter-argument suggests it is about race.
•Speaking of race, the killing of a white man by three teens (two black) has right-wing bloggers freaking out about race and discrimination against white people. Again.
Another case of anti-vaccination believers refusing to get kids their shots, resulting in a measles outbreak.
•The leaks from Japan’s nuclear power plant may not be over.
•John McCain insists if we don’t intervene in Syria we’re giving a green light to tyrants to do bad things. This is the kind of stupid logic that gets us into a lot of trouble, the conviction that any sign we won’t kill or annihilate anyone who looks at us funny we’ll wake up with Osama’s corpse enshrined in the Oval Office and shari’a for breakfast. The truth is, everyone on Earth knows we have the power to obliterate them. The threat of US intervention is never off the table. If we don’t go in (and I’m not even getting onto the wisdom of spending more money in a third-world mess), I seriously doubt anyone’s going to wake up, go nyah-hah-hah and do anything they weren’t planning to do anyway.
•A lawsuit says Donald Trump’s real-estate school is a scam.
•And here we have some tech start-ups claiming they can identify credit risks not by such old-fashioned methods as credit score, but because they have FB friends with bad credit. I find myself unconvinced.

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