Weird in a good way

This blog got over 150 visits yesterday, 50 so far today. That’s very high, and I’m wondering why (not complaining of course, just curious). The only time I got a sudden spike like that in the past was when Echidne linked to this Undead Sexist Cliche post. To all my extra visitors, I’m glad to have you. Feel free to look at what I’ve written and buy something (here’s a suggestion).
Despite getting Glory That Was back yesterday (some positive words and encouragement to try again), this has been a good, productive week:
•I finished enough Demand Media articles to qualify for the $200 bonus. I’m also signed up for a new project that will pay higher than usual. I’m not clapping my hands until the articles start flowing and I’m confident I can write them well, but more pay is always good news.
•I applied for another freelance gig and for a change, got a response. It’s an online publisher that pays for research they can use to set up online infographics. I completed a sample research project and now I’m waiting to hear back.
•I finished the third draft of Fox and the Hedgehog and submitted it to some beta readers.
•I put in three hours of work on my post-World War I story, which was my quota for this month. Like a number of my first drafts it’s very talky: The talk is how I flesh out a lot of the backstory and character, and then I tone it down in later drafts.
•I submitted The Impossible Takes a Little Longer to another publisher.
•My royalty check came in from McFarland for my movie books. It’s not exactly JK Rowling-esque, but it is nice to have money just show up in the mail (and to know people are still buying them!).
•I put in four more hours on Southern Discomfort, which is now up to around 10,000 words.
•Rather than work on Brain From Outer Space, I put in some work on the first draft of Button, Button (no idea where it’s going yet) and finished a very odd first draft of It’s Never Jam Today. I doubt the heavy authorial intrusions into the narrative will survive the next draft, but it’s so different from my usual style I quite enjoyed writing it.
•One of my writing groups started a story contest. Each of us comes up with a concept/scene/premise/whatever and they’re randomly given to each other to work on. I was interested to try it, and got a start today. I doubt I’ll do it again, though—my writing problems definitely don’t include a shortage of ideas to work on, and I’d sooner stick with mine. But we’ll see if I still say that after I finish the first draft.
On that note, have a good evening.

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