Republican or Bigot?

I think a lot of the criticism of Obama has less to do with being a black man in a traditionally white position than being a Democrat. Seriously. If you look back at the Clinton years, you’ll see almost as much heat flung as the drug-dealing, murdering, Communist, UN-takeover-enabling Clinton who “was never elected by a majority of the American people” (in the words of a few local Repubs back in Florida). Both men committed the unpardonable sin of imposing their Democraticness on Repubs who believe the White House is theirs by right and forcing Repubs to live under their tyrannical non-Repub rule.
That said, it’s not all about party. Because I don’t recall anyone predicting that Clinton was organizing black inner-city men into a deadly strike force that would annihilate everyone who stands in his way, as detailed at the link. Or her way, as this will all happen when Barack runs Michelle Obama for president in 2016 while pulling the strings from behind the scene.
So speaks SF author Orson Scott Card, who also (if you click through to the original piece) insists that “Bush lied about WMD” is in itself a Big Lie that has fooled us. I have no idea whether Card means they were really there or that Bush was misled by the CIA being stupid (but given the counter-evidence frequently offered, the best you can say is W was in heavy denial).
Card isn’t the first right-winger to raise the spectre of Black Riots For Obama but that doesn’t make it any less racist or, well, nuts. He also hates Islam and Islamic nations but that’s pretty much the norm for the right-wing punditocracy these days.
•I’m seriously uncomfortable with an American being on trial for advocating and pushing for Uganda’s death penalty for gays. Which is not intended as an excuse for the loathsome Mr. Lively. But still, it’s easy for me to say.
•Speaking of anti-gay, the US Olympic Committee has told American athletes to comply with Russia’s new anti-gay laws (i.e. don’t say anything too supportive of gays). And here’s a pastor who not only thinks gays deserve death, he refuses to let his daughters get jobs because that way he can keep them virgins until marriage.
•Libertarian Ron Paul may talk a lot about how he wants government out of our lives. But he’s fine with states making laws to restrict religious minorities or gays. In my experience (not that this is an original insight with me), anyone who talks about state’s rights to do X believes X is a good thing. Which I’m sure is true about the new list of Constitutional state’s rights amendments being pushed by some conservatives, as detailed by Roy Edroso (the gist of the article is about the latest plans for Repubs to come back from defeat).
•Right-to-lifers never give up pushing more restrictions.
•Glenn Greenwald was one of the journalists who broke the NSA spying story and worked with Edward Snowden. His partner got detained under terrorism laws for several hours. Because y’know, who but a terrorist would marry a journalist traitor like that?
•I have a friend who seems convinced that because Margaret Sanger favored eugenics, Planned Parenthood must be evil or something like that. Somehow he’s unfazed by the racist musings of modern conservative founder William F. Buckley.
•Of course, he’s not the only one horrified that Planned Parenthood exists.
•Tennessee Repub. Scott Desjarlais insists an immigrants girl’s father should be deported because We Have Laws In This Country. He’s okay with his own law-breaking (pot smoking, illegal in Tn. still), sleeping with subordinates and pressuring one to get an abortion (he’s anti-abortion normally) because God has forgiven him. So bygones!
•The NSA has violated the rules it supposedly works under 2,700 times. Obama and the NSA are wrong, it does matter.
•A Marine played football in a military league while in the service. The NCAA says that makes him a professional who can’t play college ball.
•GOPer Tom McClintock asserts there’s no need to prosecute white-collar Wall Street crimes because “for a criminal practice, there has to be a gun.” As Slacktivist points out, presumably McClintock thinks pot smoking should be legal (and as pointed out in the comments, so should abortion).


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