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I’ve discussed the richsplaining of how McDonalds employees can live on the company’s absurd proposed budget. The author of Pound Foolish (which is going into my to-read list) has more to say.
•A man in Australia recently committed a rape murder after being paroled from his previous eight-year rape prison sentence. As pointed out at the link, the sentence might have been longer except he was raping prostitutes, so the system decided it wasn’t all that bad.
•Unsuccessful but interesting ideas in mass transit.
•Robert Nielsen discusses why health care isn’t like other markets.
•A pundit explains that we can’t elect Hilary Clinton because al Qaeda isn’t led by a woman, so there you are, we’d be doomed.
•I posted several links here to discussions of why Janet Yellen would make a better head for the Federal Reserve than Larry Summers. Obama is apparently very upset that people are not loudly celebrating that Summers (the prez’s preference) is not being anointed by popular acclaim.
•Google says they are completely within their rights to scan the content of gmail missives (at present, just to target advertising) and they are astonished anyone would question this. Sigh. Remember when their motto was “Don’t be evil?” Google’s response to charges here.
•A discussion of whether body cams on cops would reduce the problems with New York’s now unconstitutional stop-and-frisk program. I think the argument of one critic that “the perspective of the officer – whether or not they reasonably and subjectively believe their life, or the life of a third person was in jeopardy – is now being subjected to the technological limitations of cameras,” is actually an argument in the cams’ favor. Because officers subjective decisions on who’s dangerous and who needs to be searched are often very flimsy justifications for what they do.
•A US shipbuilder allegedly imported Indian workers, then kept them working as little better than slaves.
•Today in teacher’s unions: Philadelphia decides to destroy the seniority system. Chicago, which closed 50 schools it supposedly thought didn’t have enough kids, is looking to replace them with charters.
•A court employee in Kansas City helped a convicted man obtain the DNA test that freed him (the judge had rejected his request). So the judge fired her.
•A government audit found that loose as the rules on NSA spying are, the agency still broke them. And frequently didn’t bother to report errors to overseers, or detail exactly what it was doing.
•Digby points out that while it’s now policy that nobody’s tax money is to go for abortions, right-wingers are fine with it going to anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers. More hair-raising, a federal judge in Kansas ruled that sending a letter to an abortion doctor discussing how easy it would be to plant bombs in his car is not a crime (it may be that the Justice Department picked the long law to indict her under. I await legal analysis). And apparently an FBI agent told the sender the agency felt really bad about the lawsuit because it hurt their ability to build bridges with the pro-life movement (somehow they don’t seem to have that worry when they deal with Muslims).

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  1. Good collection of links as always and a nice rebutal of the unfortunately common practice of richsplaining

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