In brightest day, in blackest links

Neuroscientist Cordelia Fine says a lot of the evidence for male/female brain differences doesn’t add up. For example, statistics show female performance in math is not some innate quantity.
•Fracking uses so much water, one Texas town is being fracked into a drought.
•Roy Edroso looks at right-bloggers ranting about foreign policy. Unsurprisingly, the right-wing conviction that even questioning the president’s decisions was borderline treasonous vanished about the time Obama got elected. Edroso also catches another conservative fretting about the possibility of the White House nudging us to better behavior.
•Michigan won’t help Detroit out of bankruptcy (which is allowing the city to stiff workers on retirement benefits) but it will support a new sports stadium.
•Charles Pierce looks at how some stories disappear from the media.
•Yet another rationale for the national security state: Hackers are out to bring about the next World Trade Center attack!
•Slacktivist encourages us to talk back to the hatemongers. Specifically referencing theocrat Mike Huckabee who compares homosexuality to pedophilia and necrophilia. Other theocrats meanwhile cheer Russia’s anti-gay legislation.
•In London, a British company tracks people by their cellphones as they pass recycling bins.
•Even after admitting one of its customers is, well, dead, Bank of America is still debiting his account for fees.
•The Lavabit email service shuts down rather than comply with government snooping. Glenn Greenwald looks at how the media still treat those involved in government snooping (in this case former NSA director Michael Hayden) as serious authorities rather than extremists (“it’s like asking Bernie Madoff to comment on Wall Street regulation” as one Twitter commentator puts it)
•Is Forever21 ripping off an independent designer’s creation?
•Apple charges more to rent the fifth season of Breaking Bad on the grounds the split season is really two seasons.
•States sell medical date to for-profit firms and it’s not that hard to identify the patients.
•Banks fake mortgage documents in foreclosures because millions of mortgages lack real paperwork.
•A pro-life crisis-pregnancy center refuses a volunteer because she’s an atheist.

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