And some more links!

I love the movie The Nasty Girl. Northier Than Thou reveals the protagonist (who unintentionally but then determinedly exposes her home town’s Nazi history) was based on a real woman, Anna Rosmus.
•A group that feeds coins into nearly-expired meters has been sued on the grounds they’re also interfering with parking enforcement officer. Apparently part of the issue is that they’ve filmed the officers at work.
•From a couple of months ago, the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto explains that if Obama didn’t organize some alleged Tea Party harassment, that’s worse than if he ordered it! And then there’s the theory Obama directs tornadoes and hurricanes with weather control.
•Joe Francis, the creator of Girls Gone Wild, has been found guilty of refusing to let three women leave his home, and assaulting one of them.
•Along with all the other budget cuts, some counties can’t afford to send police to help a woman who reported a man trying to break into her house.
•ESPN generates 43 percent of Disney’s profits. But apparently that’s not enough as they’re laying off 300 to 400 employees.
•A woman admits that in hindsight she’d had her daughter vaccinated.
•Digby points out once again that the economy is good for corporations, but not for workers, and nobody in Washington’s that worried.
•For some Republicans such as Ted Cruz, even hardliners such as John Boehner aren’t Real Conservatives. I’m inclined to agree with Ed Kilgore’s assessment that the harder-than-hardliners “want to win elections, too, but only in order to impose a governing order that they believe should be immune to any future election, immune from contrary popular majorities generally, and immune to any other of those ‘changing circumstances’ that gutless RINOs always cite in the process of selling out ‘the base.'”
•Even the federal government underpays some of its workers, due to the contractors it deals with. The article suggests one solution is to prioritize giving contracts to employers who pay better.
•Republican Rep. Tom Cotton not only wants jail terms for people who violate our sanctions on Iran, but on their families. Oh, and there’d be no investigation or proof of guilt because “It’d be very hard to demonstrate and investigate to conclusive proof.” The classic 21st century approach to law enforcement.

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