I’m not actually whittling down my long list of bookmarks this week—

Just trying not to add to it by linking the same day I bookmark stuff.
•A bank forecloses on the wrong house, then refuses to give the owner’s possessions back.
•More than 300,000 homeowners who got mortgage modifications under the federal HAMP program (out of more than 1 million) wound up redefaulting on the loan. Some of this appears to be that even with modifications, the owners couldn’t get back on track. In other cases the banks screwed up.
•Digby links to a speech by Sen. Ron Wyden about the dangers in the government’s surveillance program, and how the usual rules for surveillance are twisted via “secret law.” By which Wyden means that the FISA courts that used to just approve warrants are now issuing broad constitutional rulings in secret. As a result, the interpretation of the Patriot Act the government uses is totally different from what we’d think reading the text of the act.
A great quote from Wyden on using cell phones to spy on us: “The piece of technology we consider vital to the conduct of our everyday personal and professional life happens to be a combination phone bug, listening device, location tracker, and hidden camera. There isn’t anAmerican alive who would consent to being required to carry any one of those items and so we must reject the idea that the government may use its powers to arbitrarily bypass that consent.”
•Speaking of surveillance, here’s an article on how Microsoft has allegedly cooperated with the NSA in disabling encryption and helping the government see through email aliases.
•Victor David Hansen joins the Richard Cohen/Walter Williams brigade defending racial profiling.
•Unpaid interns are fighting back against providing free work to their employers. No, internship is not supposed to equal “someone who’ll join the staff for free”—links in this post explain the standards.
•Jonah Goldberg of the evil veggie burger theory argues that censoring pornography is just like fighting against disease and poverty, and anyway everyone really believes in censorship, so there! Except maybe not.
•Echidne of the Snakes rips into the idea feminism has done its job, so now we can forget about it.
•A right-winger bemoans that the real message of the Trayvon Martin shooting is that American men have been castrated and feminized. It strikes me as another variation of mass-murder being the woman’s fault.
•Oregon has come up with a “pay it forward” approach to funding college education: Students attend state schools for free, then pay back into the program out of their future income. LGM looks at the pros and cons.
*Senator Elizabeth Warren is pushing for new regulations on banks. Hurray!
•A Texas right-to-life politician argued in 2007 against funding prenatal care because they’re not born yet.

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