Odds and Ends

Following yesterday’s post, Roy Edroso looks at more conservatives warning of the wave of black violence about to engulf America.
Not that this is a new thing. As Edroso points out, they’ve been warning of black riots since Obama first ran. And Richard Cohen thinks it’s perfectly reasonable for store owners to enforce a whites-only policy because blacks are the primary shoplifters (in fairness, this was a 25-year-old column so he may have changed).
•A reporter claims she can’t focus on the issues of NSA surveillance because until Ed Snowden turns himself, she has to cover him. He’s the only story.
•Edroso (who performs valuable service by browsing the right-wing world) looks at libertarians who figure abortion restrictions are no big deal even though any restraint on corporate freedom is monstrous. Better yet, one pundit argues for a “libertarian” military, apparently meaning one that’s lean and mean and applies “truly overwhelming destructive force against identified enemies.” In short the old argument that our military just aren’t murderous enough to do a man’s job.
•Consumerist looks at McDonald’s hypothetical family budget for a typical employee. Even if you put in 72 hours, it doesn’t add up.
•Now for some good news: If your house is struck by a Sharknado, homeowners insurance should cover it.


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