In which I gingerly dip my toe into self-publishing

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working the past few months to format some of my old short stories for release via Smashwords. And now it’s done.
(Cover art courtesy of my awesome friend Lisa K. Wildman).
Philosophy and Fairy Tales is downloadable for $1.99 and contains four previously published short stories:
Jack Be Nimble. Jack’s such a stupid boy! How could he trade his family’s precious magic beans for a worthless cow?
Learning Curve. In this world, maggots spontaneously generate in rotting meat and the four humors control our moods. But the problems of teaching science class haven’t changed.
Original Synergy. The Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Men in Black, Opus Dei, Skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission have scheduled a grand conference to work out their differences. Can one Templar meeting planner make it go off without a hitch? If not, heads will roll … literally.
Red Moon Rising. Red’s young, sexy and convinced she can handle any predator the dark woods can throw at her on the way to Granny. But this is not the wolf she was looking for …
The second and third story are still online, but I’ve radically reworked them for this edition (improved with the help of my writing group).
I’ll be doing Story Behind the Story for each of them individually.
I must say I’m very pleased with Smashwords. The formatting takes work, but no more than proofing galleys for one of my movie books (a lot less, really). And the results look good.


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