Mensa gatherings

They’re the kind of place where someone building a TARDIS on the hotel mezzanine isn’t that startling. Nor Is having most of the women in a pub crawl show up in tiaras and beauty-contestant sashes (Ms. Understood, Ms. Apprehension, Ms. Ty Mountains, etc.). One of the women described their coordinated ensembles as the work of LNT–the Lady Nerd Tsunami.
The atmosphere has a lot in common with an SF con, I think. No surprise, given that there’s a lot of overlap in the Mensa and SF geek sets, and a high degree of nerdiness in both. I do find the Mensa gatherings more oriented to socializing and less to speakers and events. Cons seem to draw attendees through the appeal of the big-name guests but it’s hard to think of any speakers so cool that by themselves they tempted people to show up (though we have had some cool ones, such as the last surviving Enola Gay member). It’s much more about the hotel, the food (perhaps–most national gatherings offer standard institutional food) and most importantly, the people. TYG and I come to the gathering to see friends and make new ones.
This view may be warped by the fact most cons I’ve gone to have been local, so most of the People I know there are friends I see regularly. Maybe it’s different when you visit the major national events, as I hope to do in the next year (at least one major con).
For the moment though, I see that as the main difference.
I’ll have more to say about this year’s national gathering tomorrow when I’m back on my laptop instead of my tablet.


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