Ecce Links—behold the links

Right-wing pundit Erick Erickson proclaims female breadwinners are unnatural. As Echidne points out, he’s full of it: Very few animals stay home with babies while Daddy runs out to get food (lions, of course, stay home while the women do much of the hunting). And even in humans, mothers throughout history have done more than care for kids, whether it’s gathering food or working (as others have observed, the upper-class Victorian woman who stayed home and didn’t work was waited on by armies of maids, cooks and other women who did). But then, conservatives are usually dead wrong about what constitutes natural behavior.
•An Australian bishop brands abortion a much bigger issue than the church’s sex abuse. He also defends the church’s lack of action by explaining that if they’d been “gossips” they’d have found out what was going on much sooner.
•A woman in El Salvador has a nonviable baby. The pregnancy is killing the mother. But in El Salvador, they still won’t approve an abortion. Instead, the courts have generously allowed her a C-section.
•Tennessee Repub. Rep. Steven Fincher believes that it’s morally wrong for the government to give taxpayer money to feed the poor. However, collecting more than $3 million in taxpayer farm subsidies since 1999 and pushing for bigger subsidies is perfectly cool.
•Republicans are losing hope for a deficit-reduction deal with the White House. Which is good for us, unless you’re an austerian.
•The belief Obama is some sort of covert Muslim sympathizer refuses to die. Other rightbloggers explain how the Boston bombing clearly proves letting Mexicans into the country is bad.
•Just because some states have legalized pot doesn’t mean banks there want to do business with the growers.
•A student suggests that the University of Connecticutt has better things to do than pick a new logo for a sports team (for example,their treatment of women). This is transformed into “some feminist said the logo triggers rape.” Here’s a look at another school’s sex assault scandal—the scandal being the school didn’t do crap.
•Slacktivist pokes holes in yet another argument about how legal gay marriage will destroy Christianity.
•Bush administration torture-excuser John Yoo is horrified that the Boston bombing suspect was actually read his rights. Perhaps it will comfort him that said suspect’s requests for an attorney were ignored.
(One section removed at the request of someone involved in the incident).
•A woman in a homeless shelter gets a job, then gets fired when the boss learns she lives in a homeless shelter.
•People say alternatives to oil aren’t profitable enough to turn to. But here’s a look at how much the world subsidizes oil production.
•Robert Reich sounds off in a Facebook post about pols who assume that if we take money from the poor, they’ll work harder, but if we take money from the rich, they’ll get lazy. It’s all part of redefining poverty.
•Bank compensation for wrongful foreclosure average $300 to $5,000. And the checks are bouncing.
•How exactly do calls for civil disobedience work with gay marriage, when gay marriage doesn’t require most clergy or most people to do anything?


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3 responses to “Ecce Links—behold the links

  1. Frasier, please remove all references to anything you are saying I said as I’ve never spoken to you ( ever and your fraud in the manner exposes me to great liability and is extremely irresponsible. You may read on my site how you can request permission to reprint my content.

    • frasersherman

      I can’t edit it myself, but I shall contact Demand Media and let them know you object to being used as a reference. My apologies.

    • frasersherman

      Okay, Demand emailed me and said they’re taking it down. Our apologies for the mess (extra apologies if I misquoted information from your site).

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