I didn’t return to the mean, I fell through the mean and landed in Subterranea

Not my best, week in short. I suppose I can take comfort from the fact that returning to the mean works both ways: After a really bad week, the odds are very good you’ll do better the next.
The security contractor we had in Monday was the start. He wired up our new security system, and it took close to five hours. And as I’m the one at home, I’m the one who had to make conversation, answer questions (which door do we use most) and hear the occasional pitch for upgrading the package (which was worth it, we added a couple of things).
Wednesday, we had a repair guy come out and look at various possible problems (floor issues, wall issues, window issues). TYG had scheduled him to be here before she left for work. But he was late.
Thursday, we had the heat-pump guy in to check for general maintenance. Today, my new recliner’s being delivered, my old one having fallen almost completely apart (I have to sit in it very carefully). This is the chair I work in, so having a good one is important.
Plus Mum was sick again, which was pretty distracting (all better now) and I’ve had to work on assembling documentation for a financial aid package for her, which, of course, took more time than was convenient.
The end result? Well the good news is I have a very comfortable chair, our heat pump is fine and we’re getting repairs done. Mum’s package will go out tomorrow.
The bad is that I didn’t get crap done outside of my Demand Media stuff. Anything longer was just impossible under the distraction.
I should be able to make up most of it in the next couple of weeks (though I have a non-writing project Tuesday that will eat up most of that day), but it’s been painfully frustrating not getting any fiction done the entire week (nor any other writing projects).
But with all that sorted out, next week ought to be much better. And in the meantime I have the weekend to recuperate. I can use it.


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