A blog needs links like a fish needs a bicycle

But here they are anyway.
•The federal BioWatch program for detecting pathogens has produced more than 100 false alerts, and can’t detect low-levels of anthrax and other pathogens. But unsurprisingly, Homeland Security wants $3.1 billion more and so does the chief contractor, Northrop Grumman. The military-industrial complex at work …
•An account of the military’s experiments in using hallucinogens and other mind-warping drugs as potential battlefield weapons. As with post-WW II nuclear research, a lot of people became guinea pigs without giving anything close to informed consent.
•Robert Nielsen reviews a book on how and why economics ignores the disparate power between workers and employers. Darn, another one to add to my list.
•If you’re violent or a spousal abuser and under a restraining order, good news, you can often hang on to your guns! And the NRA does its best to prevent research into gun violence and statistics.
•A “life begins at fertilization” bill passed the Kansas legislature last month. It includes provisions that nobody in Kansas can claim a medical expense deduction for abortion costs so that “Every taxpayer will be able to know with certainty that their money is not being used for abortion.” So apparently Repubs don’t think of tax cuts as giving you your money back—oh, who am I kidding, that would involve consistency. Gov. Sam Brownback, by the way, is among those who believe that forcing rape victims to bear the child is a beautiful thing.
•Despite his filibuster over drone use, Rand Paul isn’t much of a civil liberties fan in the war on terror.
•A drug-testing lab falsified hundreds of experiments showing the effects and safety of various drugs. The FDA decides the fake tests probably didn’t make a difference, so there’s no need to re-test, withhold drugs or tell anyone about it (so some false scientific studies are still in the accepted literature). Hat tip to Consumerist.
•The government can’t stop throwing money at sports-team owners.

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