Progress Report

For the second month in a row, I made all my writing goals. So yay.
•I finished Affairs of Honor and submitted it.
•I applied for four different freelance gigs and submitted one magazine query (the latter fell short, I wanted a second query but couldn’t get a good one going)
•I finished Southern Discomfort and added another 5,000 words to Let No Man Put Asunder.
•I started a Jekyll and Hyde sequel set in the Depression. No idea where it’s going yet.
•Sold one article to Brass (not out yet) and published two And columns.
•I completed two drafts of End of the World on the Cutting Room Floor, which I should have done next month.
•I reworked Love Is in the Air, Original Synergy and Mage’s Masquerade.
•I almost completely replotted Brain From Outer Space (that’s another miss, but a near one). I like my reworked version and I’ll start turning it into a novel next month, but I would be much happier if the last section of the book had come together.
•I completed enough Demand Media articles to qualify for a bonus.
And I’m particularly pleased that as of a week ago, all 12 unpublished shorts (the figure excludes finished stories such as Mage’s Masquerade that need reworking) are out with some publisher, somewhere.
My new schedule seems to be working at squeezing more writing time into the day.

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