Successful but weary

I’m blaming the pollen. It’s spreading everywhere, including grass pollen which is very much my weakness. So I’ve been feeling wiped all week, but that didn’t stop me being productive.
•I finished my 5,000 words for the month on Let No Man Put Asunder.
•I did a final proof of Affairs of Honor, in hard copy, reading every line aloud. Trust me, it’s the best way to finish and spot all the little problems. That done, I sent it off to Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
•I did a few paragraphs on a new story, tentatively titled Children of Hyde. I’ll say more when it develops.
•I read End of the World on the Cutting Room Floor to the writing group and got solid thumbs up (one or two unenthused) and a couple of good critical comments.
•I was invited to pitch a story for the second volume of Monster Earth (here’s the background on my previous story). I have a couple of ideas and should have the pitch sent in within a couple of weeks.
•Work on replotting Brain From Outer Space went very well. Okay, it’s not entirely a good thing that I’m suddenly spotting problems I’ve never seen before, but then again, it is a good thing, right? For example, I have an early meeting between a couple of FBI agents and a stool pigeon that gives some valuable information … but they never act on it. No further investigation, it’s just a big info dump (and sets up the stoolie getting whacked a few chapters later). So I have to figure where they go from there.
I’m also finding it easier to make decisions. I was torn between using the opening of this latest draft and going back to the opening of the previous draft (which is also a short story, Instruments of Science). Going over things this time I realized that as the opening, the short story is actually weak as it doesn’t really flow into the main plot at all. The starting scene in the briefing room (or one damn close) needs to stay to give people the feeling of the new normal, but that’s it.
Hopefully next week’s session will be just as good.
Despite the draggy feeling, I did finish all my Demand Media articles. Fortunately, they’ve developed a title-picking tool that allows me to select topics much more precisely (I choose articles from a list of available titles), so it’s much easier to find low-hanging fruit, so to speak.
Speaking of which, Demand Media article list:
•Do Roth IRAs Lower SS Taxes?
•IRS Rules Governing Rollover of Inherited 401(k) Funds Into Inherited IRA
•Can I Claim My 401(k) as a Deduction on My Taxes?
•What Percentage of Expenses Are Tax Deductible for a Home Business?
•Can a Person Inherit a Mortgage?
•What Is Needed for Proof of a Home Business for Tax Deductions?
•Can Homeowners Insurance Drop You for Moving?
•Is an Inherited House Taxable Income?
•Can Micromanaging Be Harassment?
•Is Home Insurance for a Rental Property More Than for a Primary Residence?
•How to Roll Over a 401(k) While Still Working
•Tax Consequences for Renting an Inherited House
•Procedures for Disclaiming an IRA Inheritance
•Are Refinance Fees & Points Tax Deductible?
•Types of Retirement Benefits
•Are Automobile Insurance Proceeds Taxable?
•What Is a Taxable Distribution From a Qualified Retirement Plan?
•Does an Inherited IRA Have to Be Set Up by End of Year Following the Year of Death?
•Inheritance Taxes on Jointly Owned Bank Accounts
•What Is Protection Class for Homeowners Insurance?
•Do You Pay Inheritance Tax on a POD Account?
•IRS Rules on Naming a Trust as a Beneficiary of an Inherited IRA
•Can I Roll the Money in a Health Savings Account Over Into an IRA?
•Can a Person Deduct Mortgage Interest on Schedule E if She Is Not on the Mortgage?
•If You Are Married, Is Dependent Care a Taxable Benefit?
•Tests for Health Insurance
•What Is the Difference Between Assessed Value & Taxable Value of Real Estate?

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