Tuesday Slump

Much disorder on my end, largely due to lack of sleep. Last week the dentist told me I’ve begun grinding my teeth, so I’ve begun wearing a toothguard when I sleep. When my teeth try to grind, they can’t come together, but the shock of finding an obstacle sometimes snaps me awake. Not good. But I’ll get used to it, and it’s better than doing further teeth damage.
So just a short post with a few links today.
•The UN Arms Trade Treaty is freaking out right-wingers who love guns, and those who hate treaties (Treaties Are Bad is an axiom in some parts of the right-wing world). Christian Science Monitor gives the details on the treaty.
•Speaking of freaking out, some Tennessee lawmakers make the horrified assumption a mop sink in the state Capitol building is actually a foot bath for Muslims.
•A while back I linked to the case of UNC’s student-body Honor Court telling a student she could be penalized for reporting an alleged rape (because she was “intimidating” the alleged rapist). One woman who’s filed suit against UNC says an administrator compared rape to football: “She told me rape is like football, and if you look back on the game what would you have done differently in that situation?” Because it’s always the woman’s fault.
•George Zimmerman’s family offers a defense of the shooting of Trayvon Martin—with all the horrible crimes black people do, isn’t that a valid reason for Zimmerman being afraid of Martin?
•Atlantic Wire shows examples of How to Apologize For Supporting The Iraq War.
•The logic of “Roe vs. Wade triggered an anti-abortion backlash” applied to civil rights and Brown vs. Board of Education. As noted at the link, if that were the case, the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment would have stopped conservatives from trying to roll back women’s rights … yet somehow, they’re still trying. More on the overhyped potential for backlash here.
•North Dakota proposes an abortion ban with no exceptions even to save the mother’s life. As Echidne points out at the link and I’ve said here, this makes no sense unless you assume the fetus has all the rights and the women has none.
•Common Clarity argues that North Korea’s threat of a pre-emptive strike fits nicely with the pre-emptive theories embraced under Bush.
•Yesterday, I linked to a Glenn Greenwald blog post arguing that racism against Muslims allows the government to get away with singling them out for persecution. The article linked to Erik Loomis at LGM, citing him as an example of a liberal whose privilege lets him ignore the suffering. Loomis responds.
While I agree with Greenwald’s general point about racism, Loomis has a point that this is just a continuation of some of Greenwald’s columns last year arguing that anyone who votes for Obama obviously can’t care about civil liberties, drone strikes or the treatment of Muslims. As Loomis says, I do care—but it’s not like there’s a good alternative (Ron Paul, for a variety of reasons, was not it).

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