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A sex-abuse scandal in a conservative Protestant church leaves Slacktivist pondering why powerful groups never realize the cover-up is always worse than the crime.
•Guantanamo prisoners are still looking at life in prison, even the ones we know are innocent. Which is the sort of thing that makes Roy Edroso conflicted when someone like Rand Paul takes a stand against drone strikes. As Edroso points out, Paul’s just posturing, but that’s preferable to, say, the administration explaining it will never, ever target Americans for assassination unless it has to.
•A Christian college fires a woman for having premarital sex. But it has no problem offering her job to the man she slept with.
•Rick Perlstein looks at how much Bob Woodward’s assessment of Bush II has changed for the worse since W stepped down. Which is something I’ve noticed with other reporters and pundits. David Broder went from insisting W respected the Constitution to referring to our “long constitutional nightmare”; Ron Hart went from gushing over Sarah Palin as one of the Greatest Candidates Ever to talking about what a worthless idiot she was (but I bet money if she’d run again, he’d have discovered she’d matured amazingly).
•Some thoughts about Venezuela after Chavez. As I’ve mentioned before, our government and media’s obsession with Chavez as some kind of Big Bad only shows how remarkably sensitive some Americans are to foreign leaders who don’t genuflect before us. One of my friends on FB posted that Chavez should say hi to Osama and Saddam in Hell, as if criticizing the US and being a left-wing autocrat (as noted at the link, right-wing ones are fine with us) compared to genocide and terrorism.
•A Starbucks trailer offers free coffee right outside a competing indie coffee place.
•Robert Nielsen concludes the Great Irish Famine, while not genocide, was certainly horrendous neglect on England’s part.
•Earlier this week I mentioned John Hawkins who laments that “Chances are, you’ll probably go your whole life without shooting anyone or having to defend yourself from a thug trying to beat you to death on the street. Echidne points out that part of his rant is that we no longer have a 1950s style world where “The woman stayed home, took care of the kids and the house, and treated the man as the king of the castle. In return, he was expected to work as much as necessary to provide for his family.” Instead we live in a world where women get everything handed to them and men are really the oppressed ones! And they don’t even get to rule as master of the family!
•A number of conservatives have ranted about the cable show Girls (as alicublog has noted—just scroll down to find one or two). CollegeHumor imagines Seinfeld getting the same treatment.
•The Daily Caller decides Ashley Judd is unfit for Congress because she’s done nude scenes. I remember when people talked about Scott Brown posing for Cosmopolitan as showing how awesome he was. Why it’s almost like there’s a double standard or something.
•Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford says his sex scandal of a few years back has transformed him. He now feels much more compassion—for other people caught in sex scandals.
•If the religious right thinks our marriages should be Bible-based, then concubines are okay, right?
•The always-interesting Paleofuture looks back at 1989 predictions of the 21st century: No pennies, no drinking from taps, no videostores, no disposable diapers.

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