Links in the Mist

A few quick links …
•The Supreme Court decides a warrant to search an apartment doesn’t entitle you to search the owner a mile away. However, poor performance by drug-sniffing dogs is not proof that their performance is actually less than reliable.
•Human Rights Watch reports that 249 people have “disappeared” in Mexico, 60 percent of them probably taken by the government or the cops. And in El Salvador, hundreds of children have been taken over the years.
•The NCAA says that if a college wrestler has a successful music career as well, he’s violating the rules of amateur athletics. Because the NCAA hates introducing the profit-motive in sports, except of course for universities and coaches making a profit.
•The League of Ordinary Gentlemen looks back at when date rape and spousal rape were treated as batshit-insane ideas from the minds of deranged feminists (it’s sort of what I was talking about in discussing Nackles). Much the same attitude, the League concludes, surfaces in the opposition to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Which in the House version drops protection for abused gay spouses.
•And in Indonesia, a judge says rape is fun for both rapist and victim.
•An Oklahoma politician wants to forbid science teachers from criticizing creationist essays. Florida, of course, tried the same thing several years ago.
•Obama continues refusing to divulge any details about the legal rationale for drone assassinations of American citizens. Or whether his power extends to killing Americans on American soil.
•Slacktivist argues that to support families, conservatives should support workers.
•Paul Krugman points out that David Brooks’ claim facts don’t matter includes the odd argument that since data doesn’t change people’s minds, therefore it isn’t important (of course, economic facts have never changed Brooks’ mind that nothing matters but slashing benefits to end the deficit). Krugman suggests that if so, the fault lies with us, not with statistics. However Duck of Minerva points out that the left isn’t immune to delusions about facts either.
•Speaking of Brooks, here’s another example of him getting his data wrong.
•The use of naked photos as a “revenge porn” tool. More from Yes Means Yes.
•The TSA pats down a disabled three-year-old in a wheelchair.
•A Christian conservatives argues it’s our duty to submit to even unjust governments.
•An Oklahoma doctor fights the birth-control mandate on the ground women who take birth control are “being asked to suppress and radically contradict part of their own identity.” Because all women want to be mothers.
•A Tea Party activist warns us against Obama’s scary black army.
•Rightbloggers proclaim a Day of Resistance to Obama’s tyranny!
•The government is developing a new anti-Internet piracy program.
•Repub majority leader Eric Cantor is proposing ending overtime pay because it’s better for workers.
•Echidne discusses the sexism in this year’s Oscars. The Onion tweet is the most horrific—who the hell thinks it’s funny to call a nine-year-old by the C word?
•A Missouri legislator says any legislator who proposes gun-control legislation should be sent to prison (and proposes a new bill for that purpose).
•Student reports abuse, stalking and rape to UNC (ERROR: Originally I said NC State) Honor Court. Files suit against the university for how it deals with sexual assault. Now a student attorney says the student could be charged in honor court with “intimidating” her alleged attacker.
Even if the alleged victim’s charges are bullshit, punishing someone for making a charge doesn’t serve any purpose except to intimidate and silence victims. There have been way too many cases over the years where the big concern in the community is for the reputation of the feelings of the alleged rapist. This feels like one more case.


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