It’s Woden’s day, so let’s celebrate with links!

Sen. Marco Rubio offers a rationale for why Republicans shouldn’t move to the left: If they stand firm, then they can all say “Ha, told you so! We were right all along!” when Obama’s policies fail. Which he assumes they will (and have for a while).
This is not a good thing. Repubs and I are never going to agree, but any move toward the center would improve things. And the implication is that they have the same goal they did in Obama’s first time—to make him fail. So we can expect more gridlock and more mindless opposition.
•Roy Baumeister (a male supremacist I’ve referenced in the past) argues that science shows women found it easier to reproduce than men did. Therefore, evolutionary pressure must have been stronger on men, which is why they’ve become far superior to women. Echidne of the Snakes dissects this. Among other points, Baumeister ignores that some of men’s superior genes would pass to their daughters.
•Unsurprisingly, Catholic bishops are not happy with Obama’s latest compromise on insurance and birth control. I do not believe any compromise that allows women to get coverage will ever satisfy them. Meanwhile, a Catholic hospital director argues that abortion to save the life of the mother means “doing evil to bring about good.” and is therefore unjustifiable. Apparently letting the mother die to save the baby is morally unremarkable.
Meanwhile, Republicans in Iowa now advocate trying mothers for murder if they get abortion. No surprise that they’ve gone there, despite long-time insistence that Of Course That Would Be Wrong. And they extend it to cover drug-induced abortions—which makes me suspect given the claims that the pill is an abortifacent (it isn’t), that they’ll interpret taking birth control drugs as murder too. Because they hate women’s right to choose. More from LGM.
•When it comes to appointing torture-apologist John Brennan as CIA head, the Senate is suddenly not obstructionist—in contrast to appointing a head for consumer-protection agencies.
•A small legal step that might make it easier for Jews to move into the neighborhood? Horrors! And I say that despite the sexism of many ultra-Orthodox Jews (as Echidne has observed, the far right of all three Abrahamic religions is dreadfully sexist).
•Trying to think like a rapist is just another way of saying it’s the woman’s fault. Sarah Over the Moon considers the relationship between complementarianism and rape (which is also covered in one of my And columns). A Christian blogger reminds women that when men rape, it’s not because women drive them to it.
*A San Francisco restaurant steals by underpaying employees. Now it has to pay them back. Banks that dealt in bad mortgages, however, are being allowed to review their own mortgage portfolio to decide if they did anything wrong.
•The Daily Howler argues that claims Rosa Parks saw Malcolm X as her “personal hero” are a kind of anti-myth (she wasn’t just a sweet, tired cleaning woman, she was that radical!). The Howler does make clear she admired Malcolm X, but not his hate for whites in the early years of his activism. The blog has had a lot to say about Rosa Parks in the past week or so, and it’s worth reading.
•If you’re Muslim, one school makes your right to get the holy days off contingent on your GPA.

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