And now, links!

Conservatives sniff out the hideous conspiracy behind Obama’s skeet-shooting.
•Conservatives continue walking over the cliff of insanity—two right-wing radio hosts discuss how Scientific Research proves women who take the pill end up with tiny dead fetuses embedded in their wombs! I’ve previously linked to these dudes’ deep insights here.
•Indian Muslims say the country can stop rape with sex-segregated schools. I’m sure the fact this would cut Indian women out of many advanced careers is seen as a feature, not a bug.
•Virginia’s governor proposes ending the gas tax and taxing electric and hybrid cars instead.
•Digby discusses why the Kill Social Security activists are hurting the younger generation the “greedy geezers” are supposedly leeching off. Among other things, because people who can’t afford to retire have to stay working, which means fewer jobs to go around.

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