One of those weeks again

(Cover art by Billy Graham (no relation to the preacher); image owned by current copyright holders)
As I’ve mentioned before, this image has always struck me as being very much like life at times—just when you think everything’s under control, another giant with an axe shows up and takes you out from behind.
After last week’s mess, I thought everything would be back on track this week … but no. By Tuesday it was obvious I’d come down with a version of the virus that laid TYG low last week. Either I got a much weaker strain or my immune system kicks butt (which it does) because I’m already apparently on the mend (much faster than my wife recovered). Still, this didn’t exactly lend itself to productivity—today I just spent the day lying around recuperating.
I also missed my writing group once again this week. If it weren’t for all the hanging out at Illogicon, I think I’d have gone stir-crazy.
Needless to say, two weeks of medical problems meant I didn’t come near completing my writing goals for the month. That being said, I got a fair amount done this past week:
•I finished my rewrite of Leave the World to Darkness.
•I completed another draft of Affairs of Honor. I’ve definitely got the story shaped now, but it still needs refining and adjusting, of course. And it really is a downbeat ending—I just can’t get around it.
•I applied for four different freelance gigs (no results so far). I also checked on one overdue response on a short story (politely, of course) and one rather overdue payment for a project.
•Demand Media work was productive—I’m pleased I didn’t let that slide.
•Can Money Be Gifted From an IRA Without Penalty?
•Credit Card Usage Between Married People
•Inherited IRA Vs. Beneficiary IRA
•Does a Corporation Have to Issue a 1099 to a Restaurant for a Party?
•What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Insurance & Liability
•Can I Make My Obese Employees to Go to the Doctor?
•Could the Owner of a House Be Held Liable for Renters?
•Is My Spouse Responsible for My Mortgage?
•My Tenant Is Parking in the Driveway Without Permission
•What Is Homeowners Liability Insurance?
•How to Tax the Sale of Art as an Investment or a Collectible
•How Long Can Interest Be Charged on Credit Card Debt?
•Are Health Insurance Benefits Considered Income by the IRS?
•What Is Tax Deductible in a Retail Store?
•Standard Deduction for Head of Household
•Is Life Insurance Taxable as Capital Gains?
•Mileage Tax Deduction Vs. Reimbursement for Automobile Expenses
•Are Negative Equity Home Loans Hard to Qualify For?
•Are IRAs Subject to Pretax Deductions From Payroll?
•Does Advertising Require a 1099?
•Taxation of an IRA Upon Death
•Tax Penalty for Moving a 401(k) to an IRA
•Tax Deductions for Charities
•What Does Replacement Homeowners Insurance Pay for in a Claim?

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