All God’s children got links

TH Bilgrimage blog links to a National Catholic Reporter article on Hobby Lobby’s quest not to have its insurance plans cover birth control. In the comments to the article, several people bring up that miscarriages and spontaneous abortions happen much more than regular abortions so it’s not as if every fertilized egg is going to become a person. One commenter counters that these aren’t spontaneous abortions because a lot of them are the mother’s fault: “My point was that certain environment conditions of the carrying mother…in greater or lesser amounts…can increase the incidence of spontaneous abortions. These aren’t as you were natural abortions.” Environmental conditions include “environmental conditions, prior drug use, length since off the pill, alcohol, rest, physical activities such as running, diet, dieting.”
Okay,this guy is only a commenter and in any comments thread there’s a good chance someone’s bringing on the crazy. Still it does fit uncomfortably well with increasing efforts to arrest pregnant women for drinking or get court orders taking away their right to make medical decisions. After all, if pretty much anything a woman does can get the “baby” killed, then obviously she shouldn’t be allowed to make those decisions.
Speaking of which, an old LGM post points out that there’s nothing in Roe vs. Wade being overturned that guarantees the issue would be left to the states instead of the federal government.
•In a similar “damned if you do” analysis, David Brooks claims that by pursuing moderate policies on gun control, women’s rights, immigration and disaster relief, he’s fighting dirty: All of these policies will divide Republicans (anti-immigration Repubs and pro-business Repubs have different views on immigration) so Obama’s being ruthlessly partisan!
It’s commonly noticed on left-wing blogs (including this one) that the Washington press values bipartisanship as an end in itself, regardless of the outcome and usually translates it as “Democrats must move to the right.” And sure enough, just the fact that not all Republicans will agree with Obama is proof that they’re bad policies.
It’s also typical of Brooks’ privileged, smug views that the fight over birth control and abortion, student-loan debt relief and relief for Hurricane Sandy victims aren’t real issues (for him the real issue is that poor people have too much premarital sex. He says that a lot), they’re just political tools for showing how extreme Republicans are (which in Brooks’ world is a Bad Thing).
•The wonders of deregulation: Prices go up!
•Contrary to NRA myths, even trained gun users often hit innocent bystanders.
•Consumerist questions cable company claims that they apply data caps to avoid congestion rather than maximize profits.
•A publisher glumly concludes that Barnes & Noble is dying. Which of course makes it much less profitable (if at all) to publish non e-books, and gives (IMHO) way too much influence to Amazon as the last big retailer left.
•Just as Hobby Lobby thinks incorrectly that the Pill is an abortifacent (and therefore violates their religious faith if it’s covered by employee insurance), so one Repub argues that banning guns violates his freedom to live a Godly life.
•The Saudis may be oppressive tyrants (and active supporters of some militant strains of Islam) but is that a reason not to support them?
•Right-bloggers freak out over Obama’s modest gun-control proposals. There Is No Spoon suggests that the NRA isn’t really equipped to punish anyone at the voting booth—the districts where gun control is a career-killer aren’t going to vote Democratic anyway.
•Hullabaloo argues that inequality makes the American economy worse: People can’t buy anything and with lower incomes, taxes go down (the claim that slashing taxes makes tax receipts grow is false).


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