Returning to a mean mean

As I’ve observed before, when I perform really well, there’s a high probability that I won’t do as well the following week—that I’ll return to the mean. Which isn’t disastrous—my average level of performance today is better than 30 years ago—but does feel disappointing.
And then there’s weeks like this where I just hit the mean and crash through into sub-par.
I’m not quite sure what threw me off-course. Partly it’s that after spending last weekend at Illogicon, I felt slightly overwhelmed by so much socializing and didn’t get much time to regather myself (I will do better next time). Partly that I need to actually drive into Raleigh for my new story, put it on my schedule, but rain, rain, rain kept forcing me to postpone (as we only have one car, I have to decide in the morning if I want to drive TYG to work or not). And partly I got really wiped out midweek for no reason I could see (I’ve had bad nights of sleep before, but they don’t wipe me out like this one).
Amidst all that, the center just couldn’t hold. I didn’t get much done in the evenings, and the last couple of days my fiction writing has been for shit. That being said, it wasn’t a total flop:
•I completed the final draft of The Happiest Place on Earth. Haven’t picked a publisher for the first submission yet.
•I finished the 6,000 words of Let No Man Put Asunder that I wanted to complete this month.
•I got 3,000 words in on Brain From Outer Space before the collapse hit.
•I started a rewrite of Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down, but as noted, didn’t get very far.
•I applied to join Science Fiction Writers of America as an associate member.
•I posted covers of all my books and anthologies containing my stories to Pinterest and my What I’ve Written page. The placement is a little ugly but I can’t seem to fix it yet.
•I also sent out I Think Therefore I Die to a new publisher.
•My work on the Raleigh Public Record, other than actually getting out there, went very well. I have one interview left—desirable, though not essential—and the trip out there and I’m done.
•And I made my Demand Media quota, despite being exhausted. It’s not the funnest part of my week, but it is what pays the bills.
•Trademark Laws on Domain Names
•How Long Should I Keep Bills, Receipts, Bank Statements and Insurance Policies?
•Features of a Mortgage Bond
•What Defines Being Able to File Married Filing Separately?
•Are Company Paid Insurance Premiums Taxable Income?
•Mortgage Loans & Hidden Risks
•Can Married Couples Have Separate Auto Insurance?
•Do Futures Predict Stock Prices?
•What Is Portfolio Insurance?
•Am I Responsible for Half of the Income Taxes in a Marriage?
•Can I Roll HSA Contributions Into a Roth IRA?
•Can the Court Enforce a Divisible Legal Part of the Contract If a Contract Is Illegal?
•Can Mortgage Interest Be Carried Forward?
•Can Mattresses Be Donated?
•Risks of Tenancies in Common
•Tax Deduction for a Non-Working Spouse
•Rules About Borrowing from a Retirement Account
•Can a Contractor’s License Carry From One State to Another?
•Does Homeowners Insurance Pay for Broken Gutters?
•How to Gain Permission or Acknowledge Copyrighted Material
•Difference Between Product Design & Product Packaging in Trademark Law
•Procedure for the Failure to Take Required IRA Minimum Distribution

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