Action-packed week. Okay, maybe action’s not quite the word …

I’m pleased to say my first full work week of 2013 went just as well as I’d hoped. Hopefully it will not be like those New Year’s Resolutions that wear off in February …
•I took on another story for Raleigh Public Record and to my pleasant surprise, stayed focused instead of letting my mind wander (as I’ve done in the past) so I didn’t end up with wasted time. I still have a lot of work to do on it next week, but I’m confident I can keep the concentration going.
•I completed another 5,000 words on Brain From Outer Space. Annoyingly, it’s showing the same flaw previous drafts have done—too much talk, not enough SF action. But if I can finish this plot, hopefully I can fix that (I have some ideas, but I’m not going to go back and start over as I’ve done the past couple of times).
•I did 4,000 words on Southern Discomfort, which is all I was shooting for this month. After multiple false starts, shifting it back to the 1970s for a setting is working much better than anything I’ve tried before. There are some problems showing (characters who pop in and then vanish) and the usual challenge of tracking all the new plot threads, but I’m really pleased with the work to date.
The Happiest Place on Earth, my Disney/HP Lovecraft mash-up, looks great. I’ll give it a read over in hard copy next week.
•I redrafted Affairs of Honor and it looks much better. The climax now flows logically out of the middle of the story. But I really hate that the ending is a downer—I’d like to give my protagonist at least a little more hope about his future, but I may have to settle for him and an estranged former friend bonding in their misery. We’ll see.
•I almost erased my last draft of Mise-en-Scene, the “movie world” story I’ve been doing. Fortunately I found a backup and started a new draft. Again, I think I made a mistake in the direction mid-story. But now that I’ve corrected direction, I’ve no idea where it goes next. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon—I want at least one draft done this month.
•I compiled a list of movies to use in my next film-reference book (assuming it gets approved). That gives me some idea how big it’ll be and how much time it’ll take. I intend to have a proposal in to McFarland before the end of September.
•I submitted three stories to various markets and sent out four queries for possible writing gigs (no takers).
•Demand Media stuff:
•About a Self-Directed IRA
•How Much Should I Deposit in My IRA?
•How to Report Nonstatutory Stock Options
•Can an Individual Receive Retirement Benefits & Disability Benefits?
•Can I File the Short Form if I Have Mortgage Interest?
•Is Social Security Tax & Medicare Withheld From Retirement Income?
•How Much More Will a Cosigner Increase a Mortgage?
•How to Add a Spouse to a Credit Card
•What Are the Differences Between Estate Planning & a Revocable Living Trust?
•Is it Legal to Close an IRA Before a Divorce?
•Taxation of Social Security Disability Payments and an IRA Distribution
•Can I Convert My After-Tax Contributions to a Roth IRA?
•What Are the Functions of Insurance?
•How to Calculate Passive Loss
•IRAs and RMD Rules for Beneficiaries
•How to Report a Roth IRA Conversion
There will probably be no posting this weekend, as I’ll be spending it at Raleigh-Durham’s Illogicon. It starts tonight, but I couldn’t spare the evening.

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