Writing related links

First off, my friend Lyndon Perry’s Ulemet and the Jaguar God is available on Amazon (paperback as well as Kindle). And several of my writing group, including Bill Ferris and Liz Berger, are in the latest Kindle edition of Stupefying Stories.
•From the Guardian, several suggested skills new journalists need. The Social Media thing is particularly important—I feel kind of relieved that leaving the Destin Log I don’t have to manage all the twitterfeeding and FB posting my replacement does.
•Also for journalists and other article writers, an excellent look at how to open a story with an anecdote, and when not to.
•Amorous congress, “bread and butter,” the blanket hornpipe—19th century sex talk.
•The Fraggmented blog offers some thoughts on drawing stories from personal life.
Narrow Crooked Lanes on fictional characters who hide their love away. He finds it implausible.
•John Steinbeck’s tips for writers. And here’s some from Brandon Sanderson. Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats has her own (interesting enough I may post about them again).
•Mighty God King looks at one of my favorite comics series, now departed: Damage Control, the people who clean up after super-battles.
Thoughts on stripping stories down to flash fiction length.
•Jim Starlin wonders why his contributions to the comics that became Avengers and Thor go unrewarded. Here’s Comics Beat on the latest ruling in Jerry Shuster’s family’s efforts to get back the Superman copyright.
•People like me who blog about books are destroying literature!
•Hollywood worries that TV has more influence on culture than they do. I’m puzzled why this is news.
•Slacktivist suggests someone write a story about a world where predestination works, and we know who’s saved and who’s damned.
•A blog from the local specfic magazine Bull Spec, where writers discuss The Hardest Part of their work.
•Learning from failure.
•Meeting goals and achieving dreams.

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