Here’s a free story from the same universe as the Monster Earth anthology my Peace With Honor will appear in.
•Glenn Greenwald points out the irony of the US complaining Iraq and Afghanistan should lock people up without regard for their legal rights (both countries disagree—at least regarding the people we want them to lock up).
This is the kind of article I never find as clever as the author does, riffing off the multiple James Bond actors to argue Bond is a Time Lord. Yes, Bond doesn’t always look or act the same; trying to make a big deal out of that always seems to me pointless (though Alan Moore did fine in the last League of Extraordinary Gentlemen story).
•Another not-so-clever concept is any variation of “This book takes place in a completely different reality than ours—because in that reality, this book is fact and not fiction!” Like this one. Simply put, what possible difference does it make?
•Right-bloggers come out in support of Papa John’s pizza.
•Comic-book artist Tony Harris recently freaked out over hot women at comic conventions, etc., not being, in his eyes Real Geeks. And therefore they were only going to cons to get geek boys to drool at them in their hot cosplay outfits and relish their power over men. John Seavey and John Scalzi and Devin Faraci rip into his argument (here’s a related post on the issue).
I’m not surprised that (according to a quote in the comments on Seavey’s piece), Harris wants a “male space.” This fracas has a lot in common with a general tendency for men to define themselves by Not Being Women. They have a man’s job. They do guy stuff in recreation. They do stuff women don’t, like being Real Geeks. Once you define yourself this way, any women materializing in the Man’s World are undercutting your self-definition: You’re no longer doing stuff that Guys Do, you’re doing stuff Girls Do. And that’s like they’re castrating you or something!
•Thoughts on the fact the FBI can just spy on anyone, regardless of warrant or probable cause. The possibility someone who was hot for one of the women in the Petraeus case kicked off the investigation that brought him down is a good example of why we require (or used to require) probable cause for this kind of snooping. Abuse is inevitable.
•Prospect argues that the backlash fear (winning civil rights in court cases alienates people and ultimately makes thing worse) is a myth.
•Bill Bennett joins other Republicans such as Charlotte Allen in insisting that accusations Repubs want to slash taxes on the rich and outlaw contraception and abortion are just “identity politics.”
Apparently Repubs do have a pretty clear idea why they lost. So the solution isn’t to change policies, it’s to deny them (“Opposition to abortion? What, me?”).
Wouldn’t you know David Brooks would actually come out and endorse Republican anti-woman politics. Brooks explains that while addressing economic issues is a good idea, social conservatism is part of that because it “reinforces families” (at least the two-parent, male-breadwinner family Brooks seems to think is god-given). Therefore, support for working families coupled with social conservatism is a win (of course, Brooks’ idea of support is welfare for men to make them better marriage prospects).
This is a standard Brooks theme, that the real problem for poor families is that they’re immoral and sinful. And that everything was better 50 years ago, when white guys ran everything and everyone else knew their place.


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