Even at the end of a good week, the weekend is welcome

And it was a good week. As I noted yesterday, I sold Wodehouse Murder Case. Coupled with selling Peace With Honor to the Monster Earth anthology, I feel more than capable of enduring a few months of rejection without wincing (I’d much sooner handle a few months of sales, but if that’s not to be, at least I’m ready). As to the writing:
•I went over half last week’s work on Brain From Outer Space, checking that the timelines of the different plot threads didn’t conflict, and to straighten out any little details. So far, everything looks fine.
•I rewrote Not By Honor Bound. As noted last week, I’ve amped up the magical aspects. Unfortunately, this also sucked out some of the personal drama. Next draft, obviously, I try to get them both back.
•I partially rewrote Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down. It’s improved but I still don’t have a good ending.
•I got a freelance assignment to work on a series of children’s books, subject to how well I do on the first one. I drafted the book today (it’s 1,000 words so it didn’t take that long) and I intend to submit it on Monday.
•Demand Media output:
•Are Dance Fees for a Child Tax Deductible?
•Tax Deductions for My Kid’s Recreation
•Tax Planning for Self-Employed Truck Drivers
•My Husband Died: What Do I Do With His 401(k)?
•Can You Roll Over Your Earnings in Your 401(k) Into an IRA?
•Can You Write Off Mortgage Points Bought on Your Taxes?
•Can I Claim Required Flood Insurance on Income Taxes?
•How to Compute Distributions on IRA Accounts
•About an IRS Rental Property Donation Deduction
•List of Tax Deductions for Hair Stylists
•What Does “Non-Qualified Retirement Plan” Mean?
•How do I Calculate & Convert an IRA to a Roth IRA?
•What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Longer Copyright Validity Period?
•Tax Deductions on Mileage for Multiple Jobs
•Can Formulas Be Copyrighted?
•Consequences for Breaking Copyright Laws
•Taxes on Money Paid From a Trust Fund
•Primary Vs. Contingent Beneficiary Types With a Roth IRA
•If My Brother & I Are on the Deed & He Paid Off the Mortgage, Who Owns the House?
•Are Kids’ Sports Fees Tax-Deductible?
•Estate Planning & Succession

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