An amazing discovery!

Drinking a couple of glasses of champagne does not make me more productive.
I’m not a drinker. Drink ties my acid reflux-prone stomach in knots. If it has any effect on my mood, it’s to make me numb (I do not like numb).
However, I just sold Wodehouse Murder Case to TM Publishing (I don’t know exactly which of their magazines) and so TYG and I decided to celebrate. Our real-estate agent had given us a bottle of champagne when we bought the house, and I’m pleased to report it’s very good champagne, so we both had a couple of glasses. TYG is giggly, I’m just … not productive.
Which is sort of the way this now half-over month has been going. I’ve been productive but when it comes to doing extra work in the evening as I planned … not so much. Either I’m doing something, or making up for lost time during the day, or snuggling with TYG (she’s cute. We’re not even two years married. Don’t judge me).
I will have to improve this, but I’m definitely not doing it tonight.

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