Gen. Petraeus and other links

I was planning something a little less linky, but that’s hard to do when I’m typing in bed. So—
•You’ve undoubtedly heard about the scandal erupting over Gen. Petraeus and his affairs which has now forced him out of the CIA. Accountability, 21st century style: Nobody at the CIA gets punished for torturing or murdering prisoners but cheating on your spouse? Unacceptable! But as Glenn Greenwald shows, the striking thing is how casually the FBI began investigating this without any evidence of a crime or any sort of warrant. The trigger was that the mistress apparently sent hostile (but I’d say hardly harassing emails) to another woman Petraeus knew, and she had a friend who was an FBI agent, which as Marcy Wheeler and Digby say appears to have been the trigger. Because, after all, if a federal agent’s friends want help, what won’t the government do for them?
Greenwald also points out the sheer gush about Petraeus’ greatness and how indispensable he is as the head of the CIA.
•Roy Edroso looks at the right-blogger reaction to Romney’s loss. Unsurprisingly, the conclusion is we should have elected a real conservative! And the fact blacks didn’t vote for Romney proves they’re bigoted and racist! Meanwhile, pundits insist that winning the election clearly compels Obama to move further right. Doesn’t he want to win over all the right-wingers who didn’t vote for him?
•Awarding votes by Congressional districts isn’t going to produce fairer results in a gerrymandered country.
•The Family Research Council says that it’s time for civil disobedience against gay marriage. I wonder how that works—sit-ins at gay couples’ houses? Refusing invitations to gay couples’ weddings? How exactly do you civilly disobey a law that doesn’t affect you or compel you to do anything? Or is this a euphemism for a call for revolution a la Donald Trump?
•More on evolutionary psychology and flimsy research from Echidne.
•Billy Graham’s ministry, as I’ve mentioned before, stopped describing the Latter-Day Saints as a cult after Romney got the nomination. Now other conservative ministers are outraged. It’s hard to know who to root for …
•And speaking of conservatives, Rick Perlstein looks at how right-wing direct-mail fundraisers interact with a variety of scam artists to market miracle cures and investment schemes to people on right-wing mailing lists.

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