Links for the memories

Once again, an ex-congressman becomes a shill for the moneyed interests.
•Another man dies from being tasered. Taser deaths are something the manufacturer and police departments (as detailed at the link) work hard to blame on the victim, not the weapon.
•An NYT article uses a book review as the springboard for mocking conservative theories of our fall from Eden. His opening paragraph points out how Nixon comes closer to being the left-wing nightmare right-wingers think Obama is than Obama does.
•Daily Howler looks at how pundits micro-analyze debate body-language, then concoct theories to explain why it will decide the election. No wonder (as noted yesterday) they hate the idea of analysis that uses statistics rather than fun fact-free stuff.
•Believing the opposite of stupid or evil people does not guide us to truth.
•A conservative argues that if he’s generous and kind enough to tolerate homosexuals, this places a moral obligation on homosexuals to stay in the closet and not offend him by their actions (this argument is thoroughly gutted at the link). While many conservatives claim tolerance is just a form of intolerance, this is one of the few times it’s true.
•There’s still a class war going on. Another blogger discusses how much the rich long for worship.

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