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The election is approaching. When we learn what sort of government we get for the next four years. So, knowing the incredible power my blog has to sway the multitudes, I’m going to link to some relevant blog posts to remind us what’s at stake.
•Digby observes</a more examples of Repub voter-obstruction (such as Florida, where early voting is a mess, thanks to Repub Governor Rick Scott)—and points out that regardless of whether Obama wins we need to work on changing this. If we want a democracy, it only happens if all our votes count (and while charges of Democratic voter fraud are largely bull, I wouldn’t want to see partisan Dems doing any of this shit either).
•Slate points out something I’ve talked about before—that a lot of the Repub base is fueled by a sense that they live in a world where whiteness no longer brings the superiority it did 60 years ago.
•Slacktivist quotes from John Scalzi’s argument that we should vote for Obama, in part, to reign in the Republican insanity. Charles Pierce dismisses calls that a third-party vote is the principled choice and makes a much more intense argument for voting for Obama than Scalzi: “It is important to stand against the people and the forces to which Willard Romney owes his political career. It is more important to do that than it is to do anything else. It is more important to do that than to salve my conscience, or make a statement, or dream my wistful dreams of a better and more noble politics.”
•Here is an impressive analysis from Echidne of the Snakes explaining why a study (which I mentioned recently) of “sexual economy” (marriage is a business deal where women trade sex for money and support) really doesn’t explain marriage or society. For example, it hinges on the assumption that women have no interest in sex and will only give it up for the right price. And that having set up this deal, women in the modern world are now changing the rules and trading sex for jobs and careers instead of marriage (why? The theorists don’t say). It also ignores the fact that for much of history, women weren’t in control of who they married or slept with. And more gaps in logic … read Echidne so I don’t have to synopsize them.
And no, that’s not a Republican position, but as I’ve said before we really do have a war on women. And the more successful the Republican right gets, the more people like the study’s authors will push their agenda. Or like these bloggers on National Review shuddering at the horror that is birth control pills (whereas slacktivist argues if abortion is the moral equivalent of the Holocaust, conservatives should support contraception).
•And here’s Echidne with a closer look at one of those study authors, Roy Baumeister.
•Robert Nielsen vents about conservative cliches.
•Here’s a CNN article reminding us that evangelicals 50 years ago thought abortion was an insignificant issue.
•Right-bloggers freak out over Obama “first time” political ad.
•Mitt Romney insists FEMA is a bad idea and America can’t afford federal “disaster relief.”
•A rape survivor says politicians should stop using rape as a political wedge against the other side (I would disagree that responding to Mourdock et al is playing politics, but her letter is still worth reading).
•Even symphonies and community orchestras are getting pounded by managers out to break the union.

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