Three masked men allegedly broke into a lesbian’s house and carved “dyke” on her body with a knife. Anti-gay conservatives are fond of asserting that it doesn’t matter who the victim is in crimes like this (or that “all crimes are hate crimes”)—if a straight person had been attacked it would be just as bad, so hate crimes legislation is a special right gays get.
This ignores that a)very few people get attacked and have someone carve “straight” into their skin. And hate-crime laws do in fact, protect against hate crimes regardless of majority/minority status: Hate crimes against straight sexual orientation would be just as illegal as attacks targeting homosexuals.
•Governor Scott Walker supports the old Reagan idea that government help is a Bad Thing—unless he needs some.
•The USSR is dead, but the centralized economic planning we used to mock them for lives on in corporate America. I don’t entirely agree with the argument myself: As someone who eats vegetarian and frequently organic, it’s much, much easier now to buy stuff that suits me than 30 years ago. But the linked piece has good points.
•A pomegranate juice company loses a court case over its health-benefits claims. But then skews its ad to make it sound as if the company won.
•According to some antifeminists, women are doing perfectly fine in the workplace, and even if they’re not, it’s no big deal. Echidne of the Snakes disagrees. Here she looks at how science articles tackle gender differences. And here’s another post on science and what reports on Exciting New Discoveries may not tell you. And this one makes an obvious point that gets ignored: If women were as hardwired into motherhood as some conservatives insist, they wouldn’t be fighting for equality.
•Rush Limbaugh claims Robin Hood is an anti-tax legend. Hullabaloo responds that it’s more about financial oppression in general than excess taxes on people like Limbaugh and Romney.
•Slacktivist on the problem of anthropomorphizing God.
•Glenn Greenwald on the NYPD’s spying on Muslims without any authorization or warrants.
•More than two centuries ago, Tom Paine agreed with Obama: They didn’t built it.
•Something I’ve read a lot lately is that conservatism is anti-government, not anti-power: Government should be cut back so that employers and husbands can have the unlimited authority they’re entitled to. Here’s one good analysis. And here’s the Christian Coalition explain that the Bible teaches employees should conduct themselves like slaves—which sort of proves my point.
•An argument that yes, eating at Chik-Fil-A in support of it’s anti-gay stance is a bigoted act.
•Whatever Paul Ryan is for, it doesn’t include limiting government power. But apparently Republicans are big on fighting of evil and non-existent UN conspiracies.

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