Not stellar but satisfactory

Particularly financially. With today’s eHow payment, I’m ahead of my financial goals for the first time in months. Yay! I might actually take a little time off next week to do more fiction, except we have the move next month, so I know I’m going to lose productive time. So I’m not easing up, but if I do this well in October …
My fiction was less pleasing: For some reason my mind was really wandery this week so I didn’t use my time very productively. On the plus side, I tried some fiction time to the evenings and put some of my extra projects during the day instead. That proved surprisingly effective: I was finally able to do some test recordings for a podcasting project I’ve had in mind and it’s easier to force myself to write fiction in the evening than nonfic.
As to specifics:
•Plotting on Brain From Outer Space is shaping up. If I hadn’t been drifting so much, I might have gotten the redraft plot tied up this week.
•I did some good work on the Monster Earth short story, then found myself drawing a blank. I have no idea what sort of strategy is optimal for the US, and I’m not even sure how we control our monster (which plays into how we fight with him, obviously). I was trying to sketch out as much as I could before the next draft, but I think it’s time to just write and see what turns up.
•The podcasting showed me I have a lot of work to do. Despite my acting experience and an excellent voice, I need to rehearse, rehearse rehearse before putting anything out professionally (my first attempt wasn’t bad, just not professional). And I need to play around with editing a little, too. On the plus side, the Audacity recorder on my laptop works wonderfully, and it can turn the podcasts into MP3s, so the tech is taken care of (so far). My thanks to podcaster and Mac expert John Leake for his advice!
•Ehows accomplished, mostly for a website called The Nest:
•How Much of a Tax Deduction for Donating My Appliances?
•How to Set Up a Trust Fund for Your Child
•How Much Money Can You Inherit Before You’re Taxed?
•401(k) Tax Deduction Contribution Annual Limit
•How Many Days to Roll Over a IRA Disbursement?
•Debt-to-Equity Ratio in Real Estate
•Measurable Goals for Brand Awareness
•Paying Debt Off Vs. Cash Reserves
•Main Principles of Product Branding
•Account Balance Vs. Available Balance
•How Does Putting Somebody on My Credit Card Affect My Credit?
•Do I Have to Put Money in Escrow When Buying a House?
•Can You Get More Money Back on IRS Taxes Than You Paid In?
•What Happens to a Revocable Trust When the Trustee Dies?
•Can We File Jointly If I Have a W-2 & He Has a 1099?
•Does a Husband Inherit Bank Accounts if He Is Not the Beneficiary?
•Can the IRS Take the Deceased Owner’s Life Insurance for Back Taxes?
•Can You Claim Vandalism on a Guest’s Car on Your Homeowners Insurance?
•How Can Budgeting Affect One’s Personal Life?
•How to Recover From Medical Debt
•The Advantage of Trading Stocks
•Can Graduate Students Still Be Claimed as Dependents on a Tax Return?
•How to File Taxes When Working Out of State
•Mortgage Penalties for Paying Off a Loan Early
•How to Get Your Tax Value Dropped on Your House

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