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A running theme in the media is that there’s something unethical about Obama criticizing Romney’s business record. FAIR pushes back at a fact check that falsely claims Obama is lying. And then the NYT accuses Obama of “vote suppression” because he’s running ads to discourage voters from supporting Romney (because what sort of fiend would run ads suggesting you not vote for his opponent?). Likewise, alicublog rips holes in the right-wing claim that Romney doesn’t outsource American jobs.
•Some Mitt Romney lies. And here’s how an urban legend that the EPA is using drones to spy on polluters develops.
•I don’t like the Chick-Fil-A CEO’s stance on gay marriage, but that should not be grounds for government refusing to let the company open new stores.
Thoughts on Penn State’s failure to do anything about Jerry Sandusky. And on Southern Baptists’ failure to police their own ranks.
•A right-wing pundit argues that as a Latino, she can’t possibly be racist even if she did call Obama “a monkey.”
•An argument that luck plays a role in the life of successful people.
•A defense-industry lobbyist argues that since defense contractors made the equipment used by the SEAL team that took out Bin Laden, the real credit goes to the defense contractors. As Wired points out at the link, why not give the credit to all the workers who welded the equipment together?
•The continuing war on American unions.
•A church group comes up with an alternative to usurious payday loans (a good alternative, no less)
•The Texas Republican Party platform, 2012. Further discussion here.
•Tennis authorities are upset because women players grunt when exerting themselves and it’s not ladylike.
•Echidne takes on another article on how powerful women destroy each other. Jessica Valenti looks at how we frame debates over child care.
•A Gawker article critiques the nostalgia for the Mad Men era and points out that it wasn’t so wonderful if you weren’t a privileged white dude (something I’ve discussed before—also here)

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