New AND column and other links

The new column responds to a recent post by a Christian conservative explaining the gender equality causes rape, and also makes women crave it (because society won’t tolerate domination otherwise). The link is to a Slacktivist discussion—the original post has been taken down, after loud cries about how everyone is misunderstanding the authors and of course they’re not excusing rape. Rape apologists always say that.
While I don’t go into it in the piece, the assumption that modern American culture makes it impossible for women and men who want male domination to get it is bullshit. If a man and woman want that arrangement, nobody’s going to stop them. It’s only a problem for men who can’t get the submission they want from women, because it won’t allow men to take it by force.
In other links—
•The morning-after pill does not abort fertilized eggs. However a large chunk of the religious right still opposes contraception. As I’ve mentioned before, conservatives remain obsessed with the fear that women who can control their fertility are a terrible threat (next thing you know, they might vote!).
•John Yoo, who believes the president can break the law and have a kid tortured to get a confession out of his father is shocked, shocked and appalled that Obama is allowing illegal immigrant kids to stay in the country.
•Candy canes and the fantasy of Christian persecution.
•Donald Trump is an urban legend.
•The Supreme Court chips away at the right to confront forensic experts in court.
•Just because America went into Iraq on flimsy evidence, we’re certainly not going to do it in Iran … right?
•George Will is outraged that elementary-school elections have things like campaign expenditures. Wimpy liberal scum!
•To some libertarians, there’s truly no limit to the power your employer should have over you: The boss has every right to force you to screw him if that’s what he wishes. Some Christian conservatives also think that the Biblical injunctions on slavery mean employees should submit to their masters—er employers.
•But not to worry, libertarians, pundits are still pushing to make you cool. I do find it interesting Michael Gerson’s related column telling us that things like Obama’s DREAM policy (allowing immigrants brought here as kids to stay here) and his support of gay marriage are “cultural battles.” In point of fact, they’re battles that determine the shape of human lives—the right to marry, the right to live in the country you’ve grown up. But from the point of a privileged white conservative, what are such concerns?
•Ron Paul sees no inconsistency between collecting Social Security and getting rid of it for everyone else.

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