The week, the month

I’ve got to say I love our couch.
As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have recurrent insomnia, which is partly due to the resemblance of our mattress to a big lump of suet. At TYG’s suggestion, I’ve begun switching to the couch when I wake up around 2 a.m, 2:30 a.m.—and dang, I go back to sleep almost at once. I’m sure the added alertness was a big contributing factor to making this week flow smoothly.
•I reworked Not By Honor Bound and I’m really pleased with the improvements. It’s not a character study but the personal relationships fuel everyone’s decisions, and they’re much tighter. I think the explanation for how the magic works (in society, not the technical details) are also working better.
•I realized the original version of Fiddler’s Black actually worked better than the more recent drafts so I went back and started revising from their. I didn’t finish, but it really seemed to inspire me—the results were much better than anything I’ve tried so far. Although I haven’t come to the tricky part of the story yet, so … we’ll see.
•I rewrote Love That Moves the Sun and discovered I could make it easier to follow with less than a thousand added words. Given how it confused everyone, that’s a big plus. Hopefully it means I won’t have to massively rework it as I’d feared, though I am trying to bone up the emotional side (Macha is going to be much more pissed at the villain when the rewrite is over, I think).
•As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had serious problems with my elves-in-the-South fantasy Southern Comfort, particularly getting a feel for my hero. So a while back I came up with a new idea: Set it about 40 years earlier, with a female lead, an ex-radical terrorist.
I actually sat down and started writing that version this week and … click. Maria Rogero is finally taking shape, a burn out cut off from her friends and with nowhere else to turn. The male friend who dragged her into this has a family (so far just a sister) waiting to meet them back in town. It’s a very encouraging start.
And Mum is moving to a new facility with her partner—not yet, but the down payment on the new place is in. So I’m delighted.
As for the month, though … not so good. That one week I spent helping out Mum and the remaining assistance by phone the rest of the month took up an appalling amount of time. But I’m not beating up myself: The best-laid plans of mice and men and all that.
And overall, I didn’t do that badly: I was only $100 short of my financial goal for the month for instance, and I’ve resubmitted all my currently available stories (except one for an anthology that opens Sunday). The biggest loss was my hope to get some side-projects launched: More article queries out, work on a couple of possible nonfiction projects (I’ve had thoughts about working my Undead Sexist Cliches into a book, for instance). Just didn’t happen.
So bring on next month. I’ve tried to calculate better how much time I have to spend—it’ll be interesting to see if it helps.
•Does Amending Taxes Red Flag Them for Audit?
•How to Deduct Expenses Related to Farmland Held for Cash Rental
•What Happens if the Husband Won’t Sign the Quitclaim Deed?
•What Percentage of Taxes Are Taken Out of a 401(k) When I Quit Work & Ask for My Profit Sharing?
•Inheriting a 401(k) Vs. an IRA
•Cost Vs. Value in Basement Remodeling
•How to Get a License to Sell Desserts
•Do Mortgage Borrowers Have to Be on the Title Deed?
•How Should a Home Seller Pay for Renovations?
•Understanding Lockbox Itemization
•What Is a Future-Advance Mortgage?
•Does a Rent-to-Own Option Have Tax Advantages?
•How to Relinquish an Inheritance as a Beneficiary
•How to Claim Diminished Value
•What Do Cash Flow Statements Have to Do With Liquidity?
•Reasons to Remove an Escrow Account
•What Happens When One Fills Out a Credit Card Offer?
•Difference Between Forward & Trailing Dividends
•Can Annual Fees Paid to Brokers Be Deducted on a Tax Return?
•Why Do Insurance Companies Test Blood & Urine?
•How Do You Transfer an IRA Into an Inherited IRA Beneficiary Distribution Account?
•How do I Give Beanie Babies to a Charity for an IRS Deduction?
•How to Get a HELOC With a Bankruptcy

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