From the muck—a marvel!

An upbeat alliterative title for a change. Not that I think anything in this week was marvelous (okay, one bit—I’ll get to that), but the fact I stayed on course and got my work done is pretty cool. Plus I got to go out after the writers’ group Tuesday and just hang, and it’s been a while since I’ve managed that.
The muck part was constantly worrying about Mum and trying to work on a few more things—power of attorney issues, finding her a doctor for the infection, getting price quotes for moving them somewhere else, arranging an aide to care for her despite her insistence she’s fine on her own … The marvel is, at this point, things have stabilized. My sister convinced Mum to take the aide and Mum’s partner’s kids are working on moving them to a facility better suited to their needs, so for the moment I’m off the hook. Ready to get on again when the need arises, as I’m sure it will, but for the moment I’m not in crisis mode.
And despite the stress and time that took (if you ever apply online to get moving-company rate quotes, you will be flooded with eager offers wanting to discuss your requirements. It’s remarkably time-consuming), work went well.
•I rewrote The Savage Year based on the criticisms from the group a couple of week’s back. And yep, they were spot on. It’s one of the first times I’ve written to add length instead of trim, but the extra wordage and detail really improves things.
•I gave Devil in the Fog (I’m now debating retitling it The Wodehouse Murder Case which is a bit flat, though descriptive, or Cat Among the Pigeons, which doesn’t seem to fit, much as I like the phrase) another draft and I’m really happy. I got a couple of comic bits back in that I thought I’d have to drop (“I didn’t mean to summon a demon of the ninth circle, I thought “IX” was Ix, the demon of boils!”), strengthened all the plot threads and gave my female lead a bit more to do (it’s very dominated by the protagonist, but Suzu does participate now in solving the mystery). I’m going to go back and flesh out some description in spots, but overall, I think it’s almost ready for the group.
•Sent off Kernel of Truth to a new market. Also got And He Bought a Crooked Cat back, alas. Due to various other tsurises (is that a word?) today, I didn’t have the time to find a new market I expected to.
A couple of nonfiction projects I’d hoped to get to were left twisting in the wind, but I did get a new And column out. The topic is our government’s use of torture, Big Brother-spying and other tactics once confined to the bad guys.
As for ehows:
•If My Apartment Floods Does the Landlord Have to Offer Other Housing Options?
•How to List Desired Salary on a Resume
•How to Pay Employees During a Disaster
•How to Add a Beneficiary to a Mortgage Deed
•How Does a Front-Loaded Mortgage Work?
•The Advantages of a Lump-Sum Construction Contract
•What Is an Audit Walk-Through?
•Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for Tree Removal & Debris Cleanup After a Storm?
•What Is Insurance Twisting?
•The Relationship Between Actual Investments and Planned Investments

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