Pardon me but do you have any links?

A gay Christian activist writes about North Carolina’s Amendment One and encourages us to see the anti-gay marriage wing as decent but misguided people. Given he’s actually got a dog in the hunt, I’m impressed by his willingness to speak well of the other side without making light of the issue.
•NATO continues moving ahead on an anti-missile defense system. I think these systems are a lousy idea and a waste of cash, as I said in a past And column.
•In this morning’s post, I discussed how David Brook’s concern about people exploiting government for their own gain focuses entirely on people in need of Social Security, Medicare, student loans, mortgage insurance and other assistance, rather than people of his own social class. Here’s another example of rich people behaving badly and pulling strings to get away with it. And this is an example of the Beltway consensus on austerity and slashing deficits: Voting against European politicians who support austerity gets defined as “shrill” by the Washington Post (as the title at the link notes, how can an election result be shrill?).
•More refuting of Brooks. Digby shows how much welfare goes to people who need help (as opposed to the sponging welfare mothers of conservative fever-dreams). And Charles Pierce tackles yet another Brooks column explaining poverty is just inevitable and we might as well slash the safety net and let people die (okay, that’s me interpreting Brooks, he doesn’t say it).
•Rape apologists continue claiming that if women get raped, it’s because they’re stupid (my prior thoughts on this topic are here and here among other posts).
•Kansas empowers doctors to lie to women about abortion. Right-wing attitudes are generally well summed up in this video (including the immortal line, “My vagina looks like an unshaven clown.”). Echidne makes a good point: You can’t find out your doctor/hospital/nurse’s objections until you’re in their office.
•Slacktivist mocks the National Day of Prayer with the help of the prophet Isaiah.
•A priest tells his parish that anyone who divorced and remarried can’t take communion. So the entire parish refuses to take communion.
•Alicublog offers several crackpot right-wing theories on Obama’s evil, such as claiming he’s not really American (a PR brochure from 20 years ago misidentifies him as Kenyan. Rightbloggers work to explain how this is very, very sinister and not a mistake at all). And here’s one from Raw Story: An NC politico asserts that he’s examined Obama’s birth certificate and in his expert opinion it’s an obvious fake. When Anderson Cooper points out this is bullshit (and it is bullshit), the pol (John Whitley) just repeats that he doesn’t believe it.
On, and the Former Conservative points out another good one: Obama failing to discuss the death of one of the Beastie Boys proves he hates white people.
•Glenn Greenwald reminds us that the use of torture, illegal detention and warrantless wiretapping sets a bad precedent even if it’s used honorably.
•Jonah Goldberg, who thinks vegetarians who eat veggie burgers are hypocrites claimed two Pulitzer nominations that he didn’t have. The vegetarian issue has nothing to do with this, but I like reminding people of Goldberg’s er, intellect.
•Why Obama accepting gay marriage probably won’t help Romney.
•I wrote last year about the fact marriage has not been the eternal institution anti-gay marriage groups like to claim. Gary Wills shows that even the history of Christian marriage isn’t what we’re told.

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