The annoying thing about insomnia–

Well, about my insomnia is that it’s so variable.
A couple of weeks back, I was waking up after just a couple of hours sleep. I sat up, read for about 30 minutes, and I went back to sleep. This week I woke up after longer sleeps, read … and nothing. So I wound up working and taking a nap later in the morning. It would be much easier to manage my time if I knew for sure which way my brain was going to run.
Despite which, this was a productive week. A little under-performing on the eHows (I’m going to blame the insomnia but it’s my first full week of writing in a month (no travel this week! Anywhere!) which really felt good.
•I got through several chapters of Impossible Takes a Little Longer that I thought would be difficult to rewrite. Not so—everything’s going smoothly. I plan to finish this rewrite by the end of May, check the really important sections in August and then print out the book for a final edit at the end of September. And then, off at last!
•I think I’ve finally worked the kinks out of The Savage Year. It needs tidying and tightening, but the material is solid (we’ll see if my beta-readers agree).
•I reworked Not Bound By Honor, a short story set in 1798 America (if I mentioned it before, it was under another title, but I can’t find any reference). The rewrite was a big jump up, and I can see how to improve it on the next go round. Though it’s going to be much tougher for my protagonist (Revolutionary War veteran George Knorr) to get out of it now …
•I rewrote my flash fiction story, Heads Up! and I think the new direction I gave it looks very promising (which makes me realize my previous “finished” draft was crap).
•I started a rewrite of Fiddler’s Black (the former Dum-Dum Diddle) but while the opening looks great, I’m not sure where it goes next. Given the nature of the menace and its agenda, I don’t know what sort of opposition my protagonists will run into—as written, I’m not even sure opposition makes sense.
•For the first time in a while, I did some work on what I hope will be my next movie-reference book. No actual writing, just considering the alternative structures. I think (if I get the go-ahead) it’ll be something between the in-depth analysis of Screen Enemies of the American Way and the movie-by-movie approach of my previous books.
•As you can tell, I changed my blog theme, as I’ve been planning to do. So is it an improvement? If not, what would be an improvement? I’m open to suggestions.
•Ehows for the week:
•Video Conferencing Vs. Web Conferencing
•Tax Consequences of Borrowing From Life Insurance
•What Is Reported to IRS for Mortgage Refinance?
•Stock Dividends & Financial Reporting Standards
•Financial Aspects of Contract Management
•House Flipping as an Investment Vs. Income
•Tips for Blacksmiths
•Problems in Being a Pediatrician
•How to Invest in Startups
•Teachers & Workplace Injuries
•What Can I Expense on My Taxes?
•Graduate Job Interview Tips
•Manufacturing Code of Ethics
And on that note, bring on the weekend!

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