Gliding back to normal

After last month’s travels, it’s a relief that since Monday I’ve been more or less back on my regular schedule. Even though it was another four-day week, it felt much smoother having the day of travel be the first day instead of coming at the end. And while I have one trip upcoming, I’m really looking forward to staying home a while.
It’s not just that it’s easier to manage my writing time, it’s all the little things like exercise (it’s been a month since TYG and I have been able to go bicycling), cleaning up, snuggling on the weekend, practicing sign language and other skills … And just the relief of not having to squeeze everything in between trips.
And I finally wiped out the backlog of fiction-writing time that’s been dogging me since last November (I whittle it down, something happens and I fall behind again). That’s a relief. And I’m pleased I did it despite having a four-day week and not getting much done today (really tired, so I blew off most of today and concentrated on various minor errands and tasks. But I did get the last of the fiction done).
As far as this week’s work goes:
•I did much better on my rewriting of Impossible Takes a Little Longer than I expected. That being said, the really tough chapters lie ahead, so I may bog down over the next couple of weeks.
•I finished a rewrite of Devil in the Fog (I think I have the plot problems licked) and the flash fiction piece Heads Up!. I wrote the latter a while back but set it aside to work on further after an editor told me it needed major work (and he was right). I got most of the way through a rewrite of The Savage Years, but not all the way through.
•I completed the first draft of another flash piece, The Day The Rabbits Started Eating Meat. Like most of my first drafts, it needs much work.
•I turned in a Raleigh Public Record story on food trucks in the downtown area. Like a lot of cities, Raleigh’s seen some controversy over trucks (are they unfair competition for bricks-and-mortar restaurants with higher overhead?) so we’ve been following the issue closely. I’ll let you know when it comes out.
•I submitted two stories and a nonfiction article query. I also started researching publishers for a nonfiction book project I’ll talk about when it’s further along.
•Due to Echidne of the Snakes linking to my post earlier this week, I’ve had three record days of hits on my blog.
And my Ehows done this week:
•Property Transfer Procedures
•What Is a Bond Margin?
•How to Best Handle Owner Financing When Purchasing Property
•Accounting Restraints
•What Investment Accounts Can Not Be Garnished?
•Can I Get an Assumption on My Mortgage?
•Limitations on Federal Income Tax Deduction for Contributions
•How Does Business Risk Affect Decisions About Capital Structure?
•How to Study Organizational Structure
•Tax Deductions for Solar Power
•Reasons to Buy Gold Stocks
And now time to begin my first weekend at home in, let’s see, four weeks. I’m going to relax and enjoy it.

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