A few more links

•A writer argues that farming with animal products is never environmentally friendly. I don’t know if her analysis holds up (I’ve heard similar criticisms made of farming for a vegan diet) but I thought it was worth reading.
Here’s a twist on the Undead Sexist Cliche that it’s women’s fault if men don’t get their act together: Men aren’t working because they oppose a government that uses taxation to give all their money to lazy women! Which is the rationale one Iowa senator gave for drug-testing women who get child support.
•Conversely, John Calvin reminds us that charity and welfare aren’t about whether the poor are deserving.
•A senator complains that he doesn’t want to legislate, he wants to “message.”
•The head of the Southern Baptist Convention and his charges that the president (and pretty much every other black person who speaks about it) is “politicizing” the Trayvon Martin killing.
•A good post about the Ann Romney controversy, pointing out that our culture doesn’t value either work-at-home or work-outside mothers.
•A Salon article predicts that firing John Derbyshire won’t change the tone of many right-wing publications regarding race.
•Katie Roiphe, enthusiast for sexual harassment, recently got a lot of attention for an article on women’s alleged urge for sexual submission (and what it says about feminism). Two responses critique the article.
•The Founding Fathers were actually okay with medical-insurance mandates.
•Under some voter ID laws, women who change their names after marriage (or divorce) have to prove they’re who they say they are.

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