Slightly crazy week

So Wednesday I left to help my mother with some sorting of her stored possessions, leaving (alas) TYG behind. Happily, I discovered Amtrak could get me to where I need to be, so I was able to use the several hours I was on the train to make up some writing time.
I’m also absurdly pleased that I was able to figure out the Metro on my own (well, with a little help from the info desk) and get where I needed to be for my sister (who’s also helping out) to pick me up. I’ve never taken the subway before without company, so this was a new experience.
The end result for the week?
•A much improved draft of The Savage Years. Hopefully I’ll be able to present it to the writing group soon.
•A very much improved draft of Eye of White Cathay, but it still needs an ending (I may work on that on the ride home).
•Some slight improvements, based on editor feedback, to both Leave the World to Darkness and Tale Spinners.
That was pretty much it—I’d hoped to do more on the train, but it’s not conducive to the best focusing.
Plus my eHows:
•An Introduction to a Home Budget
•About Process Improvement Measurement
•The Effects of Inventory Forecasting on Budgeting
•SWOT and Problem-based Analysis
•The Disadvantages of a Sole Agency Agreement
•How to Legally Protect Yourself From Your Spouse’s Debt
•Critical Chain Theory in Risk Management


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