Jesus wasn’t big on stoning people

Wasn’t going to post again tonight (loooong day sorting mother’s possessions, boxing them, then lifting boxes) but via Slacktivist I came across this discussion of how the Gospel story of the woman taken in adultery proves homosexuality is a sin.
At issue: Hilary Clinton’s assertion that gays deserve the same protection against violence and discrimination as minority religions, races and ethnicities, not just here in the US but everywhere.
Dan Scalf of Truth in Action Ministries explains this is the woman taken in adultery all over again. Oh, not the part where Jesus told them not to stone her (or even that after showing mercy he told her to sin no more). No, because it was a trap for Jesus set by the Pharisees to see how he’d deal with her! And in the same way, by saying homosexuality is acceptable, Hilary Clinton is setting a trap for Christians!
What’s the trap?
Beats the hell out of me. But apparently the way out of it is not to show mercy to sexual sinners the way Jesus did (presumably because he didn’t mean Those People). As slactivist put it, “A story about Jesus’ refusal to allow the persecution of someone whom religious leaders regarded as a sexual sinner is not the best choice for supporting your agenda of persecuting people that your religious leaders regard as sexual sinners.”
Scalf adds that the Obama administration’s real goal is not equal rights but “complete cultural acceptance for a practice that God’s holy and infallible Word calls sinful.” Umm, no. They’ll let you continue to preach against gays because that’s your right. They’re just saying you don’t have the legal right to bully them, and that laws like Uganda’s that condemn gays to death are a hideous travesty of justice.
The fact you do not get to turn your religious views into public policy is not oppression. Nor, as I noted recently, is it comparable to Nazi tactics or Bull Connor.

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